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Dropper Strategy: How to Start Preparing for JEE 2023?

By Prateet SarkarAugust 08, 2022
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It is time all JEE aspirants started thinking about and preparing for IIT JEE 2023. It is a known fact that JEE droppers make up most of the IITians, making it important to come up with a foolproof dropper strategy for JEE. So what should the strategy be for droppers?

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How Can Droppers Start Preparing for JEE 2023?

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How Can I Start Studying for JEE 2023?

You may think that dropping a year to prepare for IIT JEE is a fool’s job. However, statistics show that droppers have a higher chance of scoring well and securing high ranks in JEE Main and Advanced. There are two major scenarios - attempting without a drop and attempting after dropping a year. In the first case, your first attempt will be without proper preparation. This is primarily due to the lack of time and divided attention, studying different subjects at school and preparing for school exams. This will definitely take away most of your time.

On the other hand, if you decide to drop a year, you will have consciously chosen to give yourself the extra time and the proper temperament to sit yourself down and prepare for the upcoming JEE exam with undivided attention and concentration.

The following are the things you should keep in mind, as a dropper, while preparing for JEE 2023:

  • Use the time properly by chalking out a study plan and following it religiously, since a drop year is intended to be used as leverage in this case. 

  • Develop the habit of studying for long stretches at a time with sufficient breaks when necessary.

  • Concentrate on all three sections - Physics, Chemistry, and Maths.

  • Drop the procrastination habit.

  • If you have already sat for the paper before, focus on the areas you think you were weak in.

  • Don’t just mug lessons up. Pay attention to understanding the concepts and ideas so that you can be a master of the chapter and its topics and will not make silly mistakes, which happens a lot when you are simply memorising.

  • When you are practising calculations, work on both speed and accuracy.

  • Do not just depend on self-study. If it is your drop year, you must do everything in your hand to make it count. A good place to start might be our Dropper Course.

The right time is now! If you wish to attain your desired scores and ranks, you should make a decision now, whether you wish to sit for JEE 2023 without preparation or you want to take a year for yourself to prepare perfectly and crack IIT JEE in your first attempt.

Should I Consider Online or Offline Mode of Preparation for JEE 2023? 

For JEE 2023, students are generally preferring the online mode of preparation over the offline mode. This is primarily due to the ease of studying in the comfort of their homes. Both droppers and first-timers should consider the online mode at this time to avoid wasting time commuting to and fro and make the best use of time and most exam-appropriate study materials that some online institutes provide.

Importance of Revision in the Dropper Strategy for JEE

There is absolutely no substitute for revising the lessons learnt and practising the previous years’ question papers and sample papers in the preparation for IIT JEE. No matter how hard you try or how well you prepare each topic in the syllabus, you simply cannot guarantee perfection and proper retention unless you are through with the revision process. Droppers will have sufficient time for both studying and revision. Thus, they should make full use of this advantage to get a thorough preparation for JEE 2023.


If you are a dropper, you will have a great opportunity of scoring well in JEE 2023 since you will have some added time in your preparation regime to cover the entire syllabus without having to think of other things like school exams or any other kind of preparation. So, if you are thinking of taking a drop year to prepare for JEE 2023, Vedantu’s Dropper Course will definitely help you achieve your goal.

FAQs on Dropper Strategy: How to Start Preparing for JEE 2023?

1. When should I start preparing for JEE 2023?

Now is the best time to decide whether you wish to try and sit for JEE directly or take a drop year. After you are through with the decision, you should immediately get down with the syllabus and start preparing for JEE 2023 without wasting any time at all. Note that the earlier you decide and start preparing, the more time you will get to revise the lessons. This will help you avoid silly mistakes and you can master the topics you will have covered. 

2. How do I start preparing for JEE 2023 as a dropper?

As a dropper, you can start preparing for JEE 2023 by enrolling in our JEE Dropper Course and begin your preparation with best-in-class study materials and expert guidance, along with practice test series and revision notes. This will help you prepare for JEE 2023 in a proper systematic manner.

3. What advantage will I get as an early dropper?

If you choose to drop a year early, you will have some extra time as compared to ones who will choose to try cracking JEE while in school. This, along with a year, will definitely give you an extra advantage in your JEE preparation. As an early dropper, you will have all the time you need for proper preparation and revision, and you will also be able to get yourself some good practice before sitting for the actual test.

4. Should I choose an offline or online mode of preparation for JEE 2023?

For JEE 2023, it is advisable to choose the online mode of preparation since it will allow students to avoid wasting time commuting while also allowing them to learn and revise in the comfort of their homes with all necessary materials.

5. How important are revision and question-solving practices in JEE preparation?

Revising for IIT JEE is paramount in the preparation process since it ensures least to no silly mistakes and mastery of the topics that are covered by an aspirant before the exam. Having sufficient time for revision and practice of previous years’ question papers and sample papers is, therefore, a must.

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