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Aakrosh JEE 2023 Dropper - The Most Effective Guidance for JEE Droppers

By Chandni WadhwaniAugust 08, 2022
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How to Prepare for JEE 2023?

JEE entrance exam is a challenging entrance exam for admission to engineering courses. It requires a thorough and planned study with complete dedication. Many students choose to drop an entire year to prepare for the exam so that they can crack it in the first attempt. Many students who cannot qualify in JEE in the first attempt make extra efforts and an improved study plan to make the repeat attempt successful. Students need to focus on the factors involved in achieving good marks in JEE exam and improve upon the deficiencies. The droppers, who have an entire year to prepare, must follow systematic approaches to secure the desired rank in the JEE exam. This article highlights some important guidelines and resources for JEE 2023 droppers to help them get success in the JEE 2023.

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Droppers Study Plan for JEE 2023

The students must follow a systematic study plan with revision and practice to prepare for the JEE exam. They need expert mentors to coach and guide how to prepare for JEE 2023. Students will clearly understand the JEE exam pattern, syllabus, difficulty level, etc., and prepare themselves accordingly. The best timetable for JEE droppers will help them constantly focus on all the topics. JEE droppers have enough time to prepare for the exam and need to utilise the time with full involvement. JEE 2023 droppers intend to score good ranks at the cost of losing one year. They should make the best use of the learning resources and guidance.

Organise Your Schedule

It is very important to make your knowledge base strong. You have to select the topics you need to put more focus on for a better understanding of concepts because most of the questions in JEE are concept based. Making short notes during the study and taking references from different study materials will help you develop clarity on concepts.

It is necessary to follow a structured timetable to schedule the time according to different topics in order of importance. The best timetable for JEE droppers should be based on a balanced distribution of time for study, coaching, revision, problem-solving, mock tests, etc., which will help the best utilisation of time and resources.

Practice Sessions

Students must devote enough time to practising, which helps in the knowledge and skills required for the JEE 2023 exam. Practising with previous years’ question papers and solving problems from different books help develop your confidence, conceptual clarity, and time management skills. You can solve papers as mock tests to evaluate your readiness for the exam. More problem-solving assignments help you identify the weak areas you can improve upon. You will be able to learn from your mistakes and increase your knowledge base.

Why Do Droppers Fail in JEE?

Droppers must be very careful in maintaining a consistent and focused approach to preparing for the JEE exam. They should avoid all types of distractions that may affect their concentration from studies. Students can opt for suitable coaching and mentorship programs to prepare them well under mentors' guidance, with access to study materials and doubt-clearing interactions.

Although JEE droppers have the advantage of getting more time for a study focusing on a specific exam, there are instances of failures even for droppers. You need to understand why droppers fail in JEE, which will help you avoid such mistakes. Often, students lose focus and fail to maintain consistency in the approach that deviates them from the target. Students need to follow the guidelines and procedures advised by the mentors and focus on their target of scoring well in JEE 2023.

Coaching for JEE Droppers

There is a need for expert mentors to guide you towards achieving your target of scoring a good rank in JEE. There are different coaching platforms available both online and offline that specifically conduct sessions for JEE droppers. The teaching faculty consists of academic mentors experienced in providing coaching to JEE aspirants. They guide you through systematic and effective study methods to help you achieve good ranks.

Aakrosh JEE 2023 Droppers batch for 1 year has been designed for the JEE aspirants who are repeaters, droppers, or candidates preparing for the first time. The batch allows students to get coaching from renowned teachers who have trained many students and helped them achieve their goals of going to IIT or top engineering colleges.

A systematic learning plan with a strict schedule, access to online and hard copy study materials, practice, problem-solving assignments, and doubt-clearing sessions during and after classes are some of the best benefits students will get for the successful preparation for JEE 2023. It also provides necessary guidance for your mental and emotional health.


Your success in competitive examinations is due to your passion, positivity, and confidence to achieve your goal. The preparation involves hard work, patience, and a systematic approach to study that ensures positive results. A dropper can focus more on analysing his strengths and weaknesses and utilise the resources to improve upon them. Proper guidance and coaching are important to enhance your knowledge, sharpen your skills, and assess your progress towards achieving the desired goals. You need to take care of your physical and emotional capabilities to bring out positive results from your efforts.

FAQs on Aakrosh JEE 2023 Dropper - The Most Effective Guidance for JEE Droppers

1. Is it wise to drop a year of preparation for the JEE exam?

It is not easy for all students to score high marks in both the 12th board and JEE in the same year, so dropping one year can help them give more focus to preparation for the JEE Exam.

2. Why is expert mentoring required for JEE exam preparation?

Expert mentors are experienced enough to provide valuable guidance to JEE aspirants to ensure good results. They can help you work upon your weak areas and prepare you to face the exam paper with confidence.

3. Why do droppers fail to crack JEE in the first attempt?

Droppers for the JEE exam sometimes get distracted or demotivated by comparison with friends who have already qualified and fail to maintain their focus and consistency in their studies. Moreover, some droppers make a second attempt simply to improve their rank so that they can avail admission to their desired college. JEE Advanced aspirants also drop a year to improve their JEE Main rank to meet the necessary cut-off.

4. How do online classes help students prepare for the JEE exam?

Online classes help students greatly by giving flexibility of time and location and saving time and cost of travelling to attend classes. Students can devote more time to self-study by saving upon time used in travelling.

5. Can I take a drop for JEE 2023?

To prepare for the JEE 2023 exam, there is still sufficient time to ace the exam with good rankings if you prepare consistently with a well-structured plan. You can also enrol for Vedantu’s JEE courses to accelerate your preparation in the right direction.

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