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How Can Backlogs Be Cleared During The IIT JEE Preparation?

By Anusha LalSeptember 23, 2020
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How to Clear Backlogs in JEE Preparation

Backlogs or accumulated incomplete tasks are situations created out of a lack of optimum time and resource management. If you are heading towards the IIT JEE, you would often come across situations where you ask yourself, “How do I clear my backlog for JEE preparation?” Keep panic out of the room and build your determination. Easier said than done? Well, no. Here we come with a few strong steps that can pacify your brain leading to better actions towards questions like how to clear backlogs in JEE preparation.

How do I Clear my Backlog for JEE Preparation?

Follow some simple steps as we have mentioned here:

Keep Track of Your Studies

The first and foremost solution to how backlogs can be cleared during the IIT JEE preparation is none other than recognition of the situation and getting onto the solution right away. Whatever be the case, keep track of what is going on and get yourself back into the class. Take help from friends or do whatever you can to get back to the game. The first week after you start doing this is important. Once you are in it, even with a few welcome strikes, you will never be knocked out.

Do not Hurry

As and when you realize the situation, you will keep asking yourself as to how to clear JEE backlogs. This will make you hurry, which will eventually spoil the effort. So, keep your nerves steady, comprehend the situation and go slow but sure.

Optimum Utilization of Time 

The first and basic solution your mind will give you towards the question of how can backlogs be cleared during the IIT JEE preparation is increasing the time of the study. Well, this is important but with limitations. Time can be increased but has to be utilized in an optimum manner. With a huge syllabus and a possible clock ticking in your mind, mental stress on how to clear backlogs in JEE preparation is something you really wouldn’t want to encounter. Divide the time of the day into a proper schedule, and even break it at times keeping the goal alive. Keep your brain refreshed at times.

How to Clear JEE Backlogs

The tips to clear the backlog do not end here. We have a few more for you. Read on:

Study for Knowledge and not for the Examinations

The question “How do I clear my backlog for JEE preparation” doesn’t come with the unknown statement of studying and not learning. The problem has to be solved but with knowledge. If you think of yourself as a student, you will often end up memorizing. However, if you think of yourself as a researcher, you might well feel yourself in the shoes of great scientists like Einstein. Nothing is impossible. Keep in mind that your meditation is in the work you do and the efforts you put. 

One Chapter at a Time, but with Cross - References

Mostly, while dealing with how to clear JEE backlogs, you will come across the theory of completing one chapter at a time. But, isn’t it something you already know? Understand that the chapters are no hurdles. As the chapters of the subject are related, you must act as a researcher to understand references and find the inner connections between every single aspect. In short, be a Sherlock Holmes in your particular field. Every detail is important. Connect the dots. 

Students frequently ask themselves, “How do I clear my backlog for JEE preparation?” The above-mentioned steps will provide necessary solutions for you in clearing backlogs and exploring knowledge at the same time.

FAQs on How Can Backlogs Be Cleared During The IIT JEE Preparation?

Q1. How Many Hours Shall I Study for Clearing my IIT JEE Examinations?

Ans: It is often suggested that you study 6 to 8 hours a day excluding the time spent in coaching classes for preparation for IIT JEE. No such theory can work in the right means while dealing with human minds. So, take up studying for the sake of knowledge, precisely do research work and spend time on it without focusing on the time count. A day might pass with you studying for 4 hours and a day with you doing so for say 10 hours. Time has little or no relationship with productivity and efficiency. Do not treat yourself as a piece of factory equipment. Treat yourself as an explorer.

Q2. When is the Right Time to Start Preparing for IIT JEE?

Ans: The best time you can start preparing for your IIT JEE examinations can be immediately after your 10th standard. An early start is always healthy. You get more time to explore the field.

Q3. How to Balance Clearing of Backlogs with the Present Study?

Ans: You should maintain a proper balance between your study procedure taken up on how to clear backlogs in JEE preparation and how to stay updated with the present study going on. Focusing solely on how to clear JEE backlogs will however let you complete the accumulated incomplete tasks, but will further create a new set of backlogs resulting from the present incomplete tasks.

Q4. How to Manage Stress While Clearing Backlogs?

Ans: Stress comes out of the fear of failure. It is natural for you to panic. However, you need to understand that panic is never a solution but a parasite. Speak to yourself and bring out a leader in dealing with such situations. It is rightly said, it is only the person in the mirror that can inspire you.

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