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Crash Courses for JEE Main and Advance : Highlights and Benefits

By Shreya PatroAugust 10, 2022
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Crash Courses for JEE Main and Advanced Droppers

IIT JEE examinations are considered to be one of the most challenging examinations conducted for engineering courses. Everyone wants to ace the IIT JEE exam, whether they are IIT repeaters, dropouts, or taking the test for the first time.

However, the fact that so few people are accepted into the best engineering universities is a terrible reality. More than often students require a second chance and the right mentorship to secure their place in the dream college. If you are such a student, give yourself another opportunity to achieve your dreams.

Vedantu has introduced Aakrosh 1-Yr JEE (Main+Adv.) for Repeaters 2022-2023 in an effort to get that one spot in a prestigious engineering college. Continue to prepare and enrol in the finest online course.

In this blog, we will also discuss some of the best crash courses and their course structure and advantages developed by Vedantu. Read the complete blog to choose the right course for you from the best crash courses.
Crash courses for JEE droppers| Course Structure, Highlights and Benefits

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Crash Courses for IIT JEE Droppers 

As mentioned earlier, the IIT JEE examinations are one of the most challenging examinations conducted on a national level. If you are a student who has already attempted the  IIT JEE examinations once, you must be looking for some help to ace your examinations this time. Well, look no further! Mentioned below are some courses that are specifically designed for the IIT JEE droppers and repeaters. These courses cover the complete syllabus of the IIT JEE Main and JEE Advance examinations.

Let us look at some of the finest crash courses and long-term courses offered by Vedantu to ace the JEE examinations.

Things You Can Expect from JEE Crash Courses Offered by Vedantu

Since we have already seen the list of courses offered by Vedantu for JEE droppers, let us look at some of the common benefits offered by each of the courses.

  • All the courses cover the complete syllabus of Physics,  Chemistry and Mathematics.

  • The courses cover the complete syllabus of Classes 11 and 12.

  • The courses are taught in two modes: English and Hinglish.

  • Hinglish encompasses the use of both English and Hindi as a mode of teaching.

  • Students get access to the complete study material in PDF format.

  • Students also gain access to the recorded live lectures of the previous classes.

  • 1000+ chapter-specific short courses in Aakrosh 1-Yr JEE (Main+Adv.) for repeaters.

  • The courses offer an interactive learning platform.

  • Quizzes after the completion of the topic are given for a quick revision of the topic.

  • The course provides 180+ assignments, 2000+ top questions and class notes and recordings of every class in line with the IIT JEE syllabus.

  • Practising and solving questions is the key to acing the JEE examinations. Vedantu offers free 10-part tests and 10 full tests.

  • The test comes with detailed solutions to the questions in every one of the crash courses.

  • Along with all the above-mentioned advantages, the crash course mentors also provide tips and tricks and individual sessions to help students achieve their maximum potential.

Why is Vedantu’s Crash Course the Best for JEE Droppers?

We have seen what are the resources that can be accessed by students if they opt for the crash courses offered by Vedantu. Some of you might still wonder how opting for crash courses can benefit more than self-studying.

Before discussing why one must opt for the JEE crash courses, we must understand that crash courses or even a long-term course can only help students secure their place in IIT if a student prepares with hard work and consistency.

Without further ado, let us look at why Vedantu’s crash course is the best for JEE droppers.

  • It helps in developing the habit of time management.

  • The complete syllabus of all three subjects is covered in a short time duration of a few weeks.

  • The crash courses come with test series. The importance of solving the questions cannot be undermined as it is one of the key factors of acing the examinations.

  • The mentors provide complete doubt resolutions for each and every question.

  • The mentors of the courses help not only in solving academic problems but also help students with preparation tips and strategies.

  • Quizzes are also given after each topic that can help students to recall the complete topic within a short time duration in a fun way.

  • Students can enrol in an online crash course at any time and from any location. With an online crash course, students may learn and attend sessions from the comfort of their homes.

  • Students can cut down on the time they spend getting from one place to another.

  • If a student is unable to comprehend a particular subject, they are welcome to attend multiple lectures with different professors. If a student misses a class, they can easily access the recorded lectures.


It may be challenging to find the motivation and inspiration to overcome obstacles in clearing the IIT JEE examination. As a result, Vedantu is here to assist students in creating their test schedules, offering top-notch study resources and knowledgeable coaching so they may ace their forthcoming examinations with ease.

We firmly believe that enrolling in our crash course for the IIT JEE droppers would provide students with a far better chance of qualifying for the exam and being admitted to the colleges of their choice.

We hope to have helped you with your queries regarding the crash courses for the IIT JEE droppers batch. Visit the official website of Vedantu to get detailed information on the course structure.

We wish you all the very best for the upcoming examinations!

FAQs on Crash Courses for JEE Main and Advance : Highlights and Benefits

1. Is there any free crash course offered by Vedantu for IIT JEE aspirants?

Yes, the crash course named Eklavya is a free course offered by Vedantu. To enrol in this programme, applicants must attempt the All India JEE Mock Test. Candidates who pass the test will be accepted into the batch. The programme provides free mentorship by the top educators in India. 

2. What is the test schedule followed in Vedantu’s IIT JEE crash courses for droppers?

The students are subjected to various mock tests. Every two weeks, students will take a topic-based test, and in the middle of the curriculum, a phase test will be given. Following the completion of the course, students will take 10 full mock exams. Passing these will give them the confidence to take the real test, and if their study and test-taking are effective, they may anticipate receiving high scores.

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