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7 Reasons Why Online Coaching is Better for 1 Year Preparation for JEE Main 2023

By Swagata SarkarSeptember 07, 2022
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For engineering aspirants, JEE Main stands between them and their dream college. Every year over 10 lakh students from across the country appear for the JEE Main examination. Only the top 20% are allowed to appear for JEE Advanced. This shows just how difficult it is to get into the top engineering colleges in India. Students often start their JEE preparations from the 9th and 10th standards. But is that absolutely necessary? Can students clear JEE with only one year’s preparation? Yes, they can!

Online coaching has a lot of benefits for students when it comes to preparing for difficult competitive examinations like the JEE Main. But how? Top online coaching institutes work tirelessly to create detailed curriculum that can help students clear JEE Main with a year’s preparation. So, to help you learn about the immense benefits of online coaching, here are seven reasons why it’s the best for one-year preparations for the JEE Main 2023.

JEE Mains 2023

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Reasons Why Online Coaching Is Better For 1 Year Preparation of JEE Main

Expert Planned Curriculum

When you are planning to clear JEE Main with one-year preparation, the first thing you need is a detailed and planned curriculum. The curriculum must ensure that you cover all the topics of each subject well before the examination. Online coaching platforms have the ability to track the progress of every student and use that data to create a curriculum that has the most success rate. Clearing JEE Main in one year is difficult, and it requires a lot of hard work from the student. But, when you have a tried and tested curriculum on your side, the challenge does become ever so slightly more achievable.

Best Teachers From Across The Country

Online coaching platforms feature the best teachers from around the country. This allows you to learn from the experts in each subject, which is crucial when you only have one year to prepare. Teachers are one of the most defining factors towards your JEE Main success, and online coaching platforms such as Vedantu work hard to help you get the guidance of the best concept teachers in the country. These teachers help you understand the difficult concepts of each subject easily and allow you to prepare more effectively. Once you have a better/clearer understanding of the concepts, online coaching platforms also offer dedicated teachers that will help you study and put your knowledge to practical use. These class teachers also help you clear your doubts, which connects us to the next point.

You Can Get Your Doubts Cleared Anytime

Online coaching platforms are available 24/7, and you can use that to your advantage in getting your doubts cleared whenever they appear. This is an absolute boon for JEE aspirants because, despite the teachers and curriculum, doubts are bound to be a common occurrence for students. Getting their doubts cleared then and there can help them remember the solutions and remember the concepts better. So, to aid your problems, online coaching platforms like Vedantu offer dedicated doubt experts that are available 24/7 to clear your doubts whenever they appear. Vedantu also offers dedicated class teachers that can help you relearn and revise your concepts to help you effectively study.

Attend Your Classes Anytime Anywhere

As a boon of technology, online coaching platforms let you experience live classes with your teachers as well as access the same classes later. This allows you to remove the guesswork from your study routine and allows you to relearn what your teacher taught exactly whenever you want. This is also great as you get a chance to attend the class even if you were not available for the live session. All these benefits of getting to attend your class when you want can help you study according to your schedule. And what’s better? You get to do all of this from the comfort of your home.

Ability To Learn Using Practical Examples

When you are preparing for JEE Main 2023, the difficult practical and theoretical concepts of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics are often difficult to learn just from books. To help you visualize and understand the concepts better, online coaching platforms like Vedantu offer practical learning experiences for all their students. Using practical experiments or live 3D models, you can get a better understanding of the concepts you are studying, all thanks to computer technology. This process will help you remember what you learn better and be clear about your core concepts always.

Detailed Tests & Mock Examinations

Preparing for a competitive examination like the JEE Main would require you to go through grueling levels of regular tests and mock examinations in order to ace it. JEE is one of the toughest examinations in the country, and acing it requires students to get over their exam jitters even more than their preparation. So, in order to get comfortable with JEE, students need regular tests. Platforms like Vedantu offer subject-wise tests regularly and even chapter-wise tests that students can take whenever they want. This allows students to get proper feedback on their preparation as well as get small confidence boosts that will eventually help them get over their examination jitters.

Learning-Focused On The Individual

At Vedantu, the team understands that students study at their own speed. No one method works perfectly for everyone. So, for students to be successful in their JEE attempt, they need a study routine that is adaptable to their speed instead of one that forces them to speed up. Vedantu offers individual-focused learning that allows students to learn at their pace but still be on schedule with the regular tests, live classes, and quizzes. This schedule helps students find time to self-study but still stay on track with their JEE goals. 


The personalized guidance of Vedantu can help you realize your JEE dreams, just like over 2,500 students that have cleared JEE Main 2022 with the help of Vedantu. So, if you want to get into your dream engineering college, check out the one-year JEE Main preparation course at Vedantu to help you fulfill your college dreams.

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