5 Common Mistakes To Avoid During JEE Main Preparation

by Sagar Mankar, July 9, 2020

The IIT JEE Main exam is conducted for engineering and architect applicants. It is a very desirous and essential exam for students to get admission in IIT and NITs. So if one is preparing for JEE Mains exam, it is important to prepare with the correct method because a little mistake can create obstacles in obtaining the goal. Below are the most frequent mistakes that students must avoid during JEE Main preparation:

Common Mistakes to Avoid in JEE Mains Exam:

Not Solving Questions on Paper Completely

Most of the time, while preparing for exams, students just understand the particular question to solve the problem instead of solving it actually. This lazy nature towards understanding the concept creates additional confusion during the examination. It turns out to be a big disadvantage to answer other questions as well. The problem arises due to the lack of understanding behind the actual concept of the problem asked in questions. Therefore, all applicants are advised to understand the concept to solve the questions so they can prepare themselves for any question of similar problems while preparing for the exam.

Relying too Much on Lectures & Study Notes

Most students who join coaching for preparation of JEE Mains are often dependent upon lectures and notes only. Remember, self-study is necessary; one cannot crack the exam without it even if they join the best coaching or teacher. Apart from that, one more general mistake students make is that they do not make proper strategies for exam preparation. The right way to prepare for JEE Main is to set up the important topics first instead of making easy and less topic notes. Being a student, you can cover easy topics later, but you should study the essential questions first. The best procedure is to divide your schedule to cover all the topics until the exam.

Laziness and Wasting Time During the Preparation

Another mistake students make while solving the questions in the exam is to shift from one question to another without solving the previous one. This wastes a lot of time. Skipping from one question just because the other one looks easy is not suitable. It can create more problems since you may mix two questions thoughts, and it would be a loss of time. Time management can be the key to score high marks. It usually happens that students' enthusiasm ends up due to study continuously for hours and forget to give rest to their eyes and brain. It is a proven fact that if a student studies for more than 2 hours, they do not understand facts and concepts with good efficiency, and it affects the learning power of the brain. Laziness is the biggest enemy for a student. One the other hand, one can study for an hour and take a 15-20 minute break can do better than usual. 

Experiments During the Examination

This is another mistake students make while preparing for JEE Mains. Generally, the authorities ask questions having words such as which one is TRUE, or which of them is NOT TRUE. Here, many times students do not read such questions carefully and attempt it incorrectly. A question paper consists of three types of questions – known, not known but yet to be solved, and totally unknown. It is preferable to attempt the known questions first and then move to the unknown yet to be solved. Never try to do experiments on completely unknown questions. Always remember if you have studied well, then the tough question is difficult for everyone. Picking the right questions first the most important task while writing down the JEE Main paper.

Self Doubt and Lacking Confidence

There comes a time when students are stuck in knowing new facts every day. While the habit of knowing more and more continues, they forget to do self-analysis. It is necessary to understand what study area exactly needs the energy for attempting a better JEE Main exam. If the student is not aware of what they know well, they won't be able to understand it. This is possibly the biggest blunder students make during preparation. Those who are facing difficulties in dealing with this problem must set long-term goals initially. Going forward, start decreasing the time period between. However, this is not advisable during the last 15 days.

5 Common Mistakes To Avoid During JEE Main Preparation