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15 Tricks to Guess Correct Answers for MCQs in JEE Main and JEE Advanced

By Sagar MankarAugust 14, 2020
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Looking out for some JEE Main MCQ tricks?

JEE Mains and Advanced exams both follow the pattern of objective type questions. An interesting fact is that time management becomes a significant factor while solving MCQs accurately. Along with extensive preparation, these exams also require conceptual tricks to attend maximum number of questions in a shorter time. This discussion will help you have a clear idea of some tricks that work like magic.

Here is Some JEE Main MCQ Tricks That You Must Know

In an exam like JEE, what matters is getting to the right answer no matter how you do it. Certain conceptual tricks come handy, and it is vital for you to know those. However, all tricks are closely aligned with the exam pattern. Therefore you must first learn what pattern JEE exams will follow. In the present year, the question pattern of JEE will be divided between MCQ and numerical value-based questions. If there are 25 questions from each of the subject, then 20 will be MCQs, and the remaining 5 will be numerical value type.

Understanding this pattern will help you identify the tricks accurately. You must know these 15 tips to guess MCQs correctly in JEE Main which is mentioned below.

1. Putting the Value

In the exam, you will often come across equations where the value of the variable needs to be found. In these questions try to substitute the values given in the 4 answer options. The option that will satisfy the equation will be your correct answer.

2. Avoid Extremes

Avoiding extremes is a must for JEE Main MCQ tricks when you have answers in numerical values. You may often get answer options with some highest and lowest value. In a majority of cases, the extremes are incorrect answers, so it is better to steer away from them.

3. Tricks for Unit and Values

Some questions include units and values. 

For example, in a question of heat and thermodynamics, there are four options given:

  1. 70c

  2. 50k

  3. 80c

  4. 50c

In these cases, often the answer is with the unit mentioned in three options and the value mentioned twice. Therefore 50c will be the answer as it has unit “°c”  mentioned thrice and value “50” mentioned twice in the answer option.

4. Trick for Questions related to Domain and Function

Curious to know about - how to trick JEE Main MCQs related to domain and function? In IIT JEE you may often come across questions like:

If x = { 1, 2, 3, 4,5) y ={ 3,4,5,6) and x X, y Y then find out the function in the given set.

  1. f1 = {(x,y): y = x + 1}

  2. f2 = {(x,y): y < = x}

  3. f3 = { (x,y): x + y = > 5}

  4. None of these

You can solve these questions even without solving the entire equation. Just put the highest value of the set in given functions and you will get a value which satisfies the answer.

5. Dimension Analysis

Dimension analysis is a crucial JEE Main MCQ trick for Physics paper. Suppose there is a question where you are required to find the value of speed. In this case, speed is your dimension. Therefore filter out the answer options which do not have m/sec in its dimension. The process will save you time.

6. Trick of Assumption

One of the easiest and handy tricks for MCQ of JEE Mains guess work is the assumption. Often it becomes easier to solve an equation when we put some assumed values to get the correct answer. The method is similar to the substitution technique. For example, in a question related to trigonometry, you can substitute Ɵ with any assumed value say 45°. This value can be applied to the given answer options for easily and quickly solving the problem.

7. Tricks for the “n” term in Maths

There are questions in Maths which will ask you to find the value, sum or product of the “n” term. Now, it is important for you to know that in most cases the value of the term is 1, 2, or 3. You can simply put one of these values in the options given and check whether you get the answer.

8. Gambling Between two Options

When pressed with two options, one of the JEE Main MCQ tricks is to gamble between two probable options. When you have ruled out the other two options, you can gamble on the remaining two by either using the method avoiding the extreme values or the tricks for units or values.

9. Some Topic Related Tricks

One of the critical JEE Main MCQ tricks is to identify topics that will help you fetch maximum marks. You must focus on chapters on modern Physics relating to atoms, nuclei, radiation. Understanding these chapters requires the least of your time but can help you secure 20 -25 marks quickly.

10. Your NCERT Books are the Magic wands for Chemistry

This suggestion might solve your questions about how to trick JEE Main MCQs for Chemistry. Follow your NCERT books carefully. These are the standard texts from which the majority of Chemistry questions are given in JEE exams. Questions on Inorganic Chemistry are often directly sourced from these books. Therefore, carefully studying NCERT is a must for scoring high in Chemistry.

11. Focus on Introductory Chapter of Physics NCERT

Knowing the basics thoroughly is crucial for JEE Main MCQ tricks for Physics. There appear at least 3-4 questions on such topics like Approximation and Dimensions.  These questions are easiest to answer and can fetch you marks. Hence, make sure you are thorough with your class 11 NCERT. Get a complete grip on the initial chapters on Measurement.

12. Get your Head Clear About the Marking Scheme

Closely following the marking scheme will help you understand how to proceed with the question paper. Carefully look out for questions which carry no negative marking like “Match the Following”. Never fail to attend those questions and try to get most out of it.

13. Probability does not Work

Before jumping to learn trick for MCQ of JEE Main, you must know that probability strategy is a big “No”. In both JEE Main and Advance, answers for the entire question paper is equally distributed among the four options – a, b, c, d. It implies that at least 25 % of each option is the right answer. Therefore, you cannot randomly guess answers based on probability. There will only be a 25% chance of being correct.

14. Maintaining Calmness

Though it may sound very commonplace, this is an essential step. Try to read through every instruction provided. Get a strong understanding of the questions and then proceed to solve it. Time management is essential but being in a hurry brings up the scope for silly mistakes.

15. Ample Practice

All the above mentioned JEE Main MCQ tricks work wonders but only when practised properly. Therefore call upon yourself to go ahead and take mock tests as much as possible. More you apply the techniques in the mock tests, more efficient you will become. Securing a good rank is just some practice ahead.

By now you must got some idea about how to guess correct answers in the JEE examination. However, keep in mind that only with adequate preparation will you be able taste success.

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