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UPMSP Class 10 English Question Paper 2020

Last updated date: 17th Apr 2024
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Class 10 English UPMSP Question Paper 2020 - Free PDF Download

UPMSP stands for Uttar Pradesh Madhamik Shiksha Parishad and Class 10 is an important academic hurdle whether you are under any board of school education. English paper is a mandatory language paper in all the important examinations of the country which helps in learning one important language that binds people of different regions and also helps in learning other subjects. Every student wants to get good marks in the board exams and wants to get an overall good percentage and this language helps a lot in fulfilling this ambition. When you collaborate your preparation with the previous year's papers, mock tests, and sample papers, you will surely be going to achieve a good score in the finals. Here, we are helping you with  UPMSP Class 10 English Question Paper 2020 which you can practice and include in your preparation and yield all the benefits from this.

UPMSP Class 10 English Question Paper 2020 PDF

We at Vedantu have researched that solving the previous year's question paper makes the student score well in the exam. Hence, we decided to collect all the question papers for every board in India so that students do not have to waste their time and at that time they can dedicate themselves to studies and practice. We have thoroughly researched and collected these papers just for you to practice them with our guidelines.

General Information About UPMSP Class 10 English Paper 2020

  • This question paper is divided into two sections. Section A and Section B. Section A contains 9 questions with options given in subparts. Section B contains 6 questions and all of them are compulsory. The mark allotted for all the questions is 70. Each question has a mark allotted to it and is mentioned on the right side.

  • The duration of the paper is 3 hours 15 minutes.

  • The paper is 70 marks.

  • FThe first15 minutes are given for reading the paper and the est 3 hours for attempting the questions.

  • It contains 15 questions and their marks are allocated accordingly.

  • The question paper has a balanced amount of questions from literature & language and grammar.

  • The pattern & weightage of the question paper of Class 10 English under the UP board is mentioned below in the table:

Weightage of Class 10 English (in Marks)





Supplementary Reader


English Grammar 






Letter/Application Writing 






The Pattern of English Paper

The paper is divide into two sections - Section A and Section B.

Section A consists of 9 questions and there are choices that are present but all the questions are compulsory.

Section A consist of 31 marks 

Section B consists of 6 questions and all questions are compulsory to attempt.

Section B consist of 39 marks. 

Why Solve the Previous Year's Question Paper?

We have studied that our brain is neuroplastic and when we practice anything we start becoming better at it. Our brain understands that pattern, processes new information, and improvises enhanced learning techniques. Similarly, when a student prepares for his board examination, practising several question papers trains him regarding the whole structure of the examination. He becomes familiar with the pattern of writing answers and the time involved in doing so.

Benefits of Solving the Class 10 English Previous Year Question Paper

Practice makes everything we do better. It holds good for studies too. Following are some of the benefits of solving the Previous Year Question Paper:

  • By solving the previous year's question paper of English, you can get an idea of how the questions are asked, what format does the exam paper follows, and the time management required to complete the paper in the stipulated time.

  • In English papers, we tend to overwrite certain answers, and then we are not left with much time for the questions in the second part of the paper. Hence, solving the papers gives us the advantage of learning time-management and strategies to excel in the exam.

  • It helps our mind to collect thoughts in a set time frame. Generally, we get overwhelmed while seeing the question paper and tend to waste time overthinking. Solving papers prepare our mind to be calm during the examination.

  • English exam requires good writing and reading skills and it can be developed with practice only. The more you practice, the more you will be able to adapt yourself to any kind of topic and question asked in the paper and you will be able to answer correctly in less time as compared to when you have not done much practice.

  • By solving the actual final paper of the previous paper will give you a real feeling of attempting the board exam and in this way you can assess your performance of English preparation and can check where you need more attention and where are you lacking.

General Tips for Class 10 English Paper

  • Do not forget to read the exam instructions and read the question paper properly and start with the section you feel most comfortable in.

  • Read the passage carefully and then answer the questions according to the demand and requirements.

  • Follow proper formats in questions related to the writing part. Do not write unnecessarily and frame the answer around the topic only.

  • Take care of grammar everywhere otherwise, you will end up losing marks for silly mistakes.

  • Revise and read the entire paper at the end to make sure you have not missed anything.

Thus, in the end, we can say that the previous year paper of English plays a vital role in its preparation and has the capability to improve the preparation as well. We at Vedantu have collected all the previous years’ question papers and the model answer formats for the reference of all students. By going through these question papers and solutions on Vedantu, you will get a clear idea of the exam pattern of UPMSP. Also, you can follow the solutions and incorporate the key points in your answers. We recommend you follow the timestamp as it will help you complete the paper in the stipulated time during the examination.