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ICSE Class 9 History and Civics Syllabus 2024-25 Examinations

Last updated date: 30th May 2024
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ICSE Syllabus for Class 9 History and Civics - Free PDF Download

Free PDF download of ICSE Class 9 History and Civics Syllabus as per ICSE guidelines. To register online ICSE tuitions on Vedantu to clear your doubts and download the complete Syllabus for Class 9 History and Civics to prepare for ICSE Examinations.

Knowing the ICSE Class 9 History and Civics Syllabus is the first step in exam preparation. It gives you a thorough understanding of the topics covered in History and Civics during the academic session. Students also learn about the exam pattern, marking scheme, and topics for the project and internal assessment, in addition to the ICSE class 9 History and Civics syllabus. Click on the link below to download the 9th Class ICSE History and Civics Syllabus pdf.

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ICSE Syllabus for Class 9 History and Civics

This section requires only a cursory examination, with no in-depth examination of the Constitutional Articles.

1. Our Declaration of Independence

Definition of the Constitution – the date it was adopted, the date it went into effect, and its significance. Single Citizenship, Universal Adult Franchise, Fundamental Rights (names only) and Fundamental Duties, Directive Principles of Government

State Policy (in its broadest sense), Welfare State (meaning only).

2. General Elections

Meaning; Election Commission Composition (in Brief); Direct and Indirect Election; General Election; Mid-term Election; and By-election.

3. Municipal Self-Government

Rural: The Panchayati Raj three-tier system – Gram Panchayat, Panchayat Samiti, and Zila Parishad – operates (any four each).

Functions of Municipal Committees and Municipal Corporations in Cities (any four each).

History is an exciting subject that deals with a series of past events that are linked to a specific person or thing. History is important because it teaches us about our past, which allows us to understand our present. The CBSE Class 9 History subject includes topics such as the French Revolution, Nazism, the Russian Revolution, Colonialism, and Forest Society, among others. So, as mentioned above, we covered a wide range of topics while preparing CBSE Class 9 Social Science Notes for History.

CBSE Class 9 History notes are extremely beneficial to all students because they provide the best explanations and cover important topics for improved exam performance. Our subject experts created these notes, which follow the ICSE syllabus for Class 9 History. Students in Class 9 can do well in their History exams if they study these CBSE notes.

Section B of the ICSE Class 9 History Syllabus

1. Sources for the Harappan Civilisation: Great Bath, Citadel, seals, bearded man, dancing girl, dockyard, script

Urban design. Harappan civilization's demise.

2. Sources from the Vedic Period: Vedas and Epics (brief mention)

A brief comparison of Early and Later Vedic societies.

3. Buddhism and Jainism

Doctrines that contributed to the rise of Jainism and Buddhism in the sixth century B.

4. The Mauryan Empire: Arthashastra, Indika, Ashokan Edicts, and Sanchi Stupa.

Administration (Chandragupta Maurya and Ashoka); Dhamma of Ashoka

5. The Sangam Age Definition of Sangam; Tirukkural (in brief).

6. The Age of the Guptas:

Sources: Account of Fa-Hien; Allahabad Pillar Inscription

Education (Nalanda University), Science (Aryabhatta), and Culture (Aryabhatta) (works of Kalidasa, Deogarh temple).

7. Medieval India

(a) The Cholas Sources: Inscriptions; Brihadishwara Temple

The administration (Rajaraja I, Rajendra I).

(b) The Qutab Minar of the Delhi Sultana.

ICSE History Solutions for Class 9 – India and the Modern World – Free PDF Download

ICSE Solutions for Class 9 History assists students in learning about events that occurred in our country. India contains a variety of valuable items due to its magnificent features, animal and plant life, and rich culture. Students can use the solutions drafted by Vedantu’s subject experts to learn the minute details clearly. The solutions are developed with the understanding abilities of Class 9 students in mind. The main goal is to help students learn all of the dates and events so that they can perform well in the final exam.

The emergence of the modern world is the primary focus of the CBSE Class 9 History textbook. This subject also allows students to see how the story of India's past is related to the larger history of the world. We have compiled the ICSE Solutions for Class 9 History here so that students can easily remember the important dates in world history. These Chapter-by-Chapter solutions assist students in thoroughly revising the subject for the exams.

ICSE History Solutions for Class 9

ICSE Solutions for Class 9 History is a student-friendly resource that students can use if they have any questions about the chapter. The solutions are concept-oriented rather than exam-oriented, allowing students to gain a firm grasp on the subject. The solutions are provided in PDF format, which students can use to study for the exams at their own pace. Despite the precision of the solutions, all of the important topics are clearly explained to help students perform well on the final exam.

These ICSE Class 9 Solutions are easy to download and will assist students in resolving any questions they may have about the subject. Students can efficiently prepare for exams and achieve good results.

The chapter-by-chapter solutions for ICSE Class 9 History can be accessed via the links provided above. These solutions assist students in remembering all of the dates and events that are relevant to the exam.

FAQs on ICSE Class 9 History and Civics Syllabus 2024-25 Examinations

1. Are the ICSE Solutions for Class 9 History adequate for students' exam preparation?

Yes, the ICSE Solutions for Class 9 History are designed by subject experts at Vedantu to allow all students with varying comprehension abilities to easily comprehend. Furthermore, the answers are precise and accurate, allowing students to easily learn difficult and lengthy topics. Furthermore, answering techniques and tricks are highlighted to assist students in achieving the highest possible grade. Finally, these solutions benefit students not only with their annual exam preparations but also with various government exams at the state and national levels.

2. What is the number of chapters in the ICSE Solutions for Class 9 History?

The ICSE Solutions for Class 9 History contain only 5 chapters. Students can access the solutions framed by subject experts at Vedantu to learn the answers to the intext questions present in these chapters. Class 9 is a critical stage in a student's academic career because the fundamentals learned in previous and lower classes help them perform well in higher classes. All of the answers are written in simple language to make it easier for students to understand and perform well in their annual exams.

3.What are the advantages of using ICSE Solutions for Class 9 History?

Vedantu provides free ICSE Solutions for Class 9 History in PDF format. Answers to all of the exercise questions in the Class 9 textbook are written by an expert faculty team with extensive experience in the field. Students are advised to access the solutions while answering textbook questions for the best results. The elaborate and detailed answers, along with pictorial representation when necessary, help students improve their logical and analytical thinking abilities. Log in to the Vedantu website with the mobile number and access free learning.

4. Can students expect ICSE Solutions for Class 9 History questions to appear in the annual exam?

The ICSE Solutions for Class 9 History include all of the answers to the questions found in the ICSE textbook. The majority of the questions on the annual exam will be from the textbook, and the answers can be found in the ICSE Solutions provided by Vedantu. As a result, students are advised to thoroughly learn these answers before beginning their exam preparation. Vedantu solutions provide clear explanations with high clarity to assist students in acing the exam with maximum confidence. Furthermore, students will understand the answer method, allowing them to confidently attempt difficult questions.

5. Are all types of questions covered by the ICSE Solutions for Class 9 Social Science?

Yes, the ICSE Solutions for Class 9 Social Science contain solutions to all of the types of questions found in the textbook. The solutions are free to download from the Vedantu website, and students can also use them to learn answers to questions from the ICSE textbook. The answers are designed in a systematic manner based on the ICSE board's weightage of the main topics. Referring to these resources allows students to more confidently prepare for the board exams.