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ICSE Class10 Maths Sample Question Paper -5

Last updated date: 19th Jul 2024
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Maths Mock Paper-5 for ICSE Class 10 Board Exams

ICSE is one of the most difficult syllabi in India. Class 10th is an important class in every students’ life. Students can prepare for the exams easily by using the sample paper available on Vedantu. Sample papers are an essential part of the preparation for any exam. Students need more practice for important subjects such as maths, science, etc. Students can practice sample papers for ICSE class 10 to score high marks. 

The pandemic situation has created an extra burden on the students’ shoulders. The offline classes and lack of effectiveness of online classes have put the students in a tough spot. Class 10th ICSE Mathematics paper has been difficult for the students and the only way to ease out is to work out more problems and gain confidence. 

Vedantu has the ICSE Class 10 Maths Sample Question Paper – Mock 5 with Answers. Students can refer to the complete explanations of these questions in a downloadable pdf version at any time. They can also practice for the board examination by downloading sample papers for class 10 maths in pdf format.

Despite the fact that kids find math tough, they can easily achieve maximum points in the ICSE Class 10 Annual test with consistent practice. Students will improve their problem-solving skills by practicing various types of questions and papers. Vedantu has supplied key ICSE Class 10 Maths problems here to aid students in their preparation.

Math is an important subject for pupils, and they will need strong resources and practice in order to succeed in the exam. Class 10 Maths sample papers will assist you in achieving your objective. With appropriate planning, a student can achieve a perfect score in class 10 math. Vedantu will show you how to utilize sample paper class 10 maths effectively and how to use sample paper class 10 maths to improve your ICSE board exam result. Solve all problems in the ICSE class 10 Maths practice papers and mock exam solutions.

Competitive Exams after 12th Science

ICSE 10th Maths Sample Papers

Mathematics is commonly mistaken as a tough subject. But we at Vedantu believe that no subject is tough and any learning process can be made fun of if the process is simple, systematic, and effective. It is in this context that we provide ample materials to the students free of cost to ease your burden. The coverage of Class 10th ICSE is quite vast and it contains the following chapters- 

Chapter 1– Goods and Services Tax

Chapter 2– Banking

Chapter 3– Shares and Dividends

Chapter 4– Linear Inequations

Chapter 5– Quadratic Equations

Chapter 6– Solving Problems

Chapter 7– Ratio and Proportion

Chapter 8– Remainder and Factor Theorems

Chapter 9- Matrices

Chapter 10- Arithmetic Progression

Chapter 11- Geometric Progression

Chapter 12- Reflection

Chapter 13- Section and Mid- Point Formula

Chapter 14- Equation of a line

Chapter 15- Similarity

Chapter 16- Locus and its Constructions

Chapter 17- Circles

Chapter 18- Tangents and Intersecting chords

Chapter 19- Constructions

Chapter 20- Cylinder, Cone, and spheres

Chapter 21- Trigonometric identities

Chapter 22- Heights and Distances

Chapter 23- Graphical Representation


The above-given chapters are part of the latest ICSE syllabus and provide a deep insight into intermediate mathematics. Even though the syllabus is vast, these topics will help the students in their higher studies. 


Sample Paper of Maths Class 10 ICSE


The ICSE Class 10th Sample paper is based on the official blueprint provided by the ICSE. The question paper has two parts. There are four major questions in Part A which comprises three sub-questions in the format of 3+3+4 marks. All the questions in Part A are compulsory. Part B also contains seven such major questions from which the student can choose to answer any four. 


Class 10th ICSE Mathematics Sample paper by Vedantu is formulated by top educators having years of teaching experience. All the solutions provided along with the sample papers are drafted keeping in mind the needs of the students. All the problems are worked out using the easiest of techniques which is easily comprehensible. The practice of these sample papers will help the students manage time as well as pressure well in the exam hall. Working out these problems will also result in increased confidence and morale.

FAQs on ICSE Class10 Maths Sample Question Paper -5

1. Why should I choose Vedantu for Class 10 ICSE Maths preparation?

Whether you choose Maths and Science or English and History, Vedantu provides study tools such as mock paper answers for ICSE Class 10 to help to learn courses on the curriculum easily. These study tools can be utilized to carefully arrange your revision. You can begin by watching video lessons for a specific Maths chapter before moving on to review notes and textbook solutions. Use tools like the ICSE Sample Paper Class 10 to self-evaluate your preparation. If you get stuck at any time, look up more study materials. It will assist you in gaining a better understanding of the idea.

You can score high marks in the exam if you practice the most crucial questions in each ICSE Syllabus for the Class 10 chapter. Our professional teachers work hard to provide the best and useful test resources that you can use in conjunction with your ICSE Class 10 exam preparation. It's a relaxing study environment for you. On our website, you may also keep up with the latest news from the examination boards for ICSE Class 10.

2. When should I start solving the sample paper for ICSE Maths of Class 10?

The best time to begin solving them is as soon as you finish and completely review the curriculum. If you use this strategy exclusively for Mathematics, I'm confident you'll get perfect grades in all of your subjects. Around December, the course is usually done, and it's time to start working on the previous ten years' papers. However, if you wish to solve them in line with your curriculum, check out the series of ICSE question papers, which have chapter-by-chapter problems for each topic from the past 20 years. This series has been created by highly qualified instructors in those topics, and it includes questions organized by topic and frequency.

3. How can sample paper help me in getting good grades in ICSE Maths Class 10 exam?

A sample paper can help you score well in the ICSE exam in the following ways-

  • ICSE sample papers are based on actual exam patterns, making them extremely useful for students in understanding the question paper pattern, which includes the most frequently asked questions/topics, types of questions such as long/short answer questions, marking scheme/distribution, and an overview of the exam's difficulty level, among other things.

  • Students can prepare for exams in a better way with the help of sample papers, which helps to reduce exam stress and pressure.

  • Solving sample problems allows you to maintain track of your exam preparation by identifying which topics you are missing and which areas of preparation require more attention for better results.

  • Students cover each topic and question several times while solving sample papers, which helps them understand the approach to solving the question during the exam and, as a result, it helps to improve their speed, and help them to finish their exam on time and cross-check for any mistakes during the actual exam.

  • Practicing sample papers can help students in increasing their speed for solving questions accurately. The sample papers can help students to get an idea about the type of questions and can help to avoid mistakes while solving questions.

4. Where can I reach all sample papers and mock papers for ICSE Class 10 Maths?

All of the sample papers and mock tests are available on Vedantu's website. On Vedantu's website, you may find important questions for ICSE test class 10 preparation in various disciplines. You can practice using the prior year's example papers and question papers. To get a feel for the exam environment and question styles, take practice exams. Examining them will give you an advantage and help you comprehend the problems better. You'll be able to recognize a variety of paper patterns and manage your time effectively. Vedantu also provides a number of free study materials that may be downloaded. Vedantu also offers live online sessions with experts to assist you in resolving issues. The best thing is that all of the example papers with solutions and supplementary study materials are available for free download.

5. How should I attempt the ICSE Class 10 maths paper?

Follow these steps:

  • Students should first read and comprehend your paper. When writing the responses, you must first comprehend the question and the number of marks it contains. The response should be written in a logical and complete manner.

  • You'll have a good 15 minutes to read the question paper at the start, so take advantage of it. In 15 minutes, read all 30 questions. While reading, sort the questions into easy, manageable, and difficult categories. This is done so that you may get a general understanding of the questions and build a preliminary plan.

  • Always start with the easy questions and work your way up to the more doable ones, completing them before moving on to the more tough ones. This will ensure that you don't leave any questions that you already know the answer to.

  • Once you've completed all of the simple and doable questions, your confidence will rise, and you'll be mentally prepared to tackle the more difficult ones.

  • When you discover that there are a few difficult questions, it is normal to become concerned about them. This isn't necessary, and it will simply detract from your performance.

  • On the surface, they may appear difficult, but once you start working on them, you'll find that most of them are a lot easier than they appear. So enjoy the easier ones and don't worry too much about the more difficult ones.