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CBSE Class 6 Social Science Sample Paper-1 with Solutions (2024-25)

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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CBSE Sample Paper-1 for Class 6 Social Science with Solutions - Free PDF Download

Social Science is a theoretical subject. The students have to study well to score good marks in this subject. The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has included History, Civics, and Geography in the Class 6 Social Science syllabus. The students have to read all the chapters of the three parts thoroughly. For exam preparation of Social Science, the students can practice using several Sample Papers. They can follow CBSE Sample Papers for Class 6 Social Science. They will get different types of questions of Social Science in the Sample Papers. The students can practice them and check the solutions of Sample Papers for Class 6 Social Science.

Social Science is the branch of science that deals with studying societies and determining how individuals interact within them. Sociology was initially defined as a field of study in the 19th century, known as the "science of society". The field encompasses a wide range of academic disciplines aside from Sociology, including Anthropology, archeology, Economics, Geography, Linguistics, management science, Political Science, Psychology, and History.

Using methods similar to those used in humanities and Social Sciences, positive Social Science aims to understand society, so it is defined more strictly than traditional science. Instead of formulating empirically verifiable theories, interpretive social scientists utilize social critique or symbolic interpretation instead of empiricist social scientists. Thus, interpretivism treats science broadly. Traditionally, academic research has been multi-methodological (for instance, combining qualitative and quantitative methodologies). Since practitioners from different fields share the same aims and methods, the term "social research" has also gained autonomy.

How society works is the focus of the Social Sciences. Government, the Economy, and the family are institutions that social scientists study, as well as interactions of individuals and groups and what drives human behavior.

Natural science examines the physical world, whereas Social Science examines the created world. Science like biology, chemistry, and physics make hypotheses and come up with theories using the scientific method. Sociologists study society via methods similar to those of data scientists, such as quantitative analysis of data.

The Social Sciences also share some of the same methodological approaches as those used in the humanities, like qualitative research. Studying the human world can be achieved through both analytical and interpretive methods in the humanities and Social Sciences.

Some of the methodological approaches used in the Social Sciences are similar to those used in natural sciences and humanities.

However, the Social Sciences are characterized by more quantitative and scientific methods. To track political changes, political scientists rely on polls and surveys, while Economists use statistics and forecasting.

The differences between these two subfields are significant, but many questions whether Psychology, Economics, History, Sociology, Political Science, and Philosophy are Humanities or Social Sciences.

The Social Sciences are Divided into Several Branches

Social Science can be classified into five main branches based on the different types of science that make up this broad field.

  • Humanity is studied in Anthropology.

  • Social structure and behavior are studied in Sociology.

  • Behavior and mind are studied in Psychology.

  • A Political Scientist studies Politics.

  • An Economist studies the distribution of goods and services within an Economy. 

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CBSE Sample Papers For Class 6 Social Science Mock Paper 1

Structure of Class 6 Sample Paper Social Science

The sample paper of Class 6 SST has a particular question pattern. The entire paper contains a total of 36 questions of history, civics, and geography. Section A contains questions of history. This part has 5 questions of 1 mark each. 5 questions of 2 marks each, and 2 questions of 5 marks each. Section B contains the same number of questions and marks, which are from the civics part. Section C contains the same question pattern as sections A and B. This part includes the questions of geography. The sample paper of Class 6th social science follows the above pattern.

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Benefits of Sample Paper Class 6 Social Science

The students of Class 6 are learning social science as a primary stage. They should read all the chapters of all the parts sincerely. By reading these topics, they will have strong primary knowledge of the subjects. They should practice sample papers as their exam preparation tool. The benefits of sample paper of Class 6 SST are:

  • The students will have a clear understanding of the topics.

  • They will get to know the question pattern.

  • The students will learn time management for exams.

  • They can check their preparation level.

  • They will have a rough idea about the important questions.

How to Download Sample Papers for Class 6 Social Science?

After completing the social science syllabus, the students should start practising and revising for the exam. They should go through the sample paper for Class 6 social science. The sample paper is available on different educational websites for free. The students should download the sample paper in PDF format as soon as possible.

FAQs on CBSE Class 6 Social Science Sample Paper-1 with Solutions (2024-25)

1. What are the benefits of CBSE Class 6 Social Science sample papers?

The CBSE Class 6 Social Science sample papers are very beneficial for all students of class 6. These sample papers consist of questions from all the topics that are covered in the syllabus of CBSE Class 6 Social Science. You can make a  quick revision of the entire CBSE class 6 SST syllabus, when you solve these sample question papers. It will help you to identify the topics and concepts in which you lack proper understanding so that you can revise them thoroughly before the examination.

2. How many questions are there in the CBSE Class 6 Social Science Sample Paper-1 with Solutions (2024-25)?

There are a total of 36 questions in the CBSE Class 6 Social Science Sample Paper-1 with Solutions (2024-25). You will get short answer type questions as well as long answer type questions in this sample paper. Most of the answers are written in a point-wise manner so that you can easily learn and understand them. For some questions, you will get alternative answers, as well. For example, one answer can be written in a paragraph or in bullet points. So you can learn the topic properly and write the answer as required in the examination.

3. Where can I get good solutions for the CBSE Class 6 Social Science Sample Paper-1 (2024-25)?

You can get one of the best solutions for the CBSE Class 6 Social Science Sample Paper-1 (2024-25) on Vedantu. The solutions to this sample paper are prepared by our subject matter experts, as per the CBSE guidelines for Class 6 SST. They have prepared these solutions in a simple manner, with close reference to the textbooks for CBSE class 6 history, geography, and civics.

By following these solutions you will be able to understand the topics covered in your SST syllabus better. Also, you will get to know the appropriate answer patterns for SST, and make a comprehensive exam preparation.

4. Can I download the solved CBSE Class 6 Social Science Sample Paper-1 (2024-25) for free?

Yes, you can download the solved CBSE Class 6 Social Science Sample Paper-1 (2024-25) for free from Vedantu. The sample paper and its solutions are available on our website as well as on our mobile application. You only need to have an internet connection to download this solved sample paper and access the study materials for an easy learning process.

5. How does Social Science Class 6 contribute to the study of Social Science?

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, Social Science is the study of society and how people behave as well as how they influence the world around them. Studying Social Science in Class 6 makes students understand the societal structure and concepts clearly which can be a foundation for future ideologies.