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RS Aggarwal Class 11 Solutions Chapter-15 Trigonometric, or Circular, Functions

Last updated date: 30th Nov 2023
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Class 11 RS Aggarwal Chapter-15 Trigonometric, or Circular, Functions Solutions - Free PDF Download

Vedantu brings to you the most reliable RS Aggarwal Solutions for Class 11 Chapter 15 Trigonometric or Circular Functions. To develop a better understanding of the sums covered in this chapter, you should follow these RS Aggarwal Solutions on Vedantu. In this chapter, you will learn about the basic trigonometric functions and their applications. It is one of the most important and scoring chapters covered in the syllabus of Class 11. You can download and refer to the RS Aggarwal Class 11 Trigonometry Solutions PDF prepared by our expert maths teachers for free of cost from Vedantu.

These solutions cover the simplest explanation for all the sums given in the exercises of this chapter. You can rest assured that all the solutions are accurate and concise as per the CBSE board guidelines. Clarify your doubts on your own by referring to the RS Aggarwal Solutions Class 11 Trigonometry and construct a strong foundation of trigonometry.

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Trigonometric or Circular Functions: Class 11 RS Aggarwal Chapter 15 Solution Summary

This chapter focuses on explaining the circular functions used in trigonometry. These functions are derived by calculating the values of the trigonometric ratios of angles ranging on a Cartesian plane. Previously, you have learned how these ratios behave within 90 degrees. You will use the same knowledge to learn these advanced concepts of ratios based on 360 degrees on a plane. The exercises in Class 11 RS Aggarwal Chapter 15 will deliver conceptual questions to help you analyse your problem-solving skills. Download and use RS Aggarwal Class 11 Solutions Trigonometry as reference. Take a quick look at the summary of this solution.

In the first exercise, the sums are based on the basic trigonometric identities but the values of the ratios show the locations of the angles in different quadrants of the Cartesian plane. Concentrate on the values of the ratios and figure out how to solve these questions. You can refer to the solutions, to begin with, the exercise, and gather confidence to approach these questions. Learn how the teachers have suggested solving these problems in Class 11 Maths RS Aggarwal Solutions Trigonometry. Use your basic concepts too to understand these advanced methods and enhance your problem-solving skills.

In the same exercise, you will find sums related to angles multiple to the common angles generally used to frame sums. Focus on the trick and understand how these questions can be tackled easily. By simply following the steps mentioned in the solutions, you can easily trim down these difficult sums into the basic conceptual format and answer them accordingly. Pay attention to every step of RS Aggarwal Solutions Class 11 Chapter 15 and learn how simple these questions can be.

In the next exercise, you will get sums related to multiple angles that can be trimmed down to simpler ones. Here, you will have to find out how these angles can be partitioned to reduce the complex trigonometric expressions into simpler ones and find the answer casually. Every question included in this exercise has a twist. Find the hints and seek the assistance of the RS Aggarwal Class 11 Maths Chapter 15 Solution to resolve your doubts. Practice answering these questions using the solution as a reference to gain confidence. Remember to use the trigonometric identities you have learned in the previous classes.

The same exercise will also ask questions related to trigonometric proofs. Concentrate on both the sides of the equation given and the angles provided in each term. Learn how to transform them as per your need and proceed. Each step of an answer to this type of question is very important. Remember you have to achieve the trigonometric expression given on the other side. Hence, follow how the teachers have approached these questions in the RS Aggarwal Class 11 Trigonometry Solutions and learn how to solve them using the basic tricks.

Benefits of Using RS Aggarwal Class 11 Maths Chapter 15 Solution

The prime reason for using RS Aggarwal Class 11 Maths Chapter 15 Solution is to resolve the doubts on your own. After completing the Class 11 NCERT textbook, you have proceeded to solve RS Aggarwal Chapter 15 with a motive to enhance your trigonometric skills. Utilise your time by referring to the intelligent answers framed by the expert teachers and master solving these questions.

FAQs on RS Aggarwal Class 11 Solutions Chapter-15 Trigonometric, or Circular, Functions

1. What is the most important tip to follow during solving questions of Chapter 15 of Class 11 RS Aggarwal Trigonometric or Circular Functions?

Trigonometry in Class 11 is easy when you know the techniques and approaches. These questions are time-consuming. They can have different outputs as more than one formula can be applied. You have to identify the right path to match the expressions on the other side of the equation. To reach the correct answer and understand where to use which formula correctly, it is essential to first get to know the concepts well and understand the topics thoroughly. Follow RS Aggarwal Class 11 Solutions Trigonometry to learn such tricks and save time.

2. Why should you prefer Vedantu for RS Aggarwal Class 11 Chapter 15 solution?

The prime reason for using RS Aggarwal Solutions Class 11 Trigonometry is to learn the best techniques to solve these questions. The answers provided by Vedantu are put together by experts and laid out in an easy to understand, step by step method. These solutions are available in PDF format and can be downloaded for free of cost directly from the Vedantu website or the app. Vedantu offers solutions for all chapters of Class 11 RS Aggarwal to make the studying process of students easy and help them score better in their exams. 

3. What are some important points to remember while solving Class 11 RS Aggarwal Questions for Chapter 15 Trigonometric or Circular functions?

While solving Class 11 Chapter 15 from RS Aggarwal, students must pay attention to the concepts as all the questions are based strictly on the topics taught in the chapter. Here are some important concepts that students must pay special attention to before starting to attempt Chapter 15 Trigonometric and Circular functions from Class 11 RS Aggarwal:

  • The relationships between different angles or sides of a right angle triangle are called T-ratios or Trigonometric ratios.

  • Trigonometric functions are elementary functions, the focus of which are angles. These trigonometric functions include Sine, Cosine, Tangent, Cotangent, Secant, and Cosecant. 

  • Constituent angles are those angles whose algebraic sum is called compound angles. 

  • Trigonometric functions have extremely diverse applications.

4. Explain the division of questions in the exercises of Chapter 15 of Class 11 RS Aggarwal.

There are a total of 5 exercises in Chapter 15 of Class 11 RS Aggarwal solutions, Trigonometric or Circular functions. These five exercises contain a total of 88 questions for the students to solve covering all the concepts of the chapter completely.

  • Exercise 15A: This exercise has 10 questions based on Trigonometric functions and finding their values and proving trigonometric equations.

  • Exercise 15B: This second exercise has 20 questions out of the total 88 and here the questions are based on finding the value of trigonometric functions at an angle by splitting the angle and using identities.

  • Exercise 15C: Containing 27 questions in total, the third exercise of Chapter 15 focuses on questions where students must express the trigonometric equations as the algebraic sum of sines or cosines.

  • Exercise 15D, Exercise 15E: The last two exercises containing 21 and 10 questions respectively, are based on the concepts such as finding the value of one trigonometric function using the value of other already given functions using identities.

5. What are the chapters that are included in mathematics Class 11 RS Aggarwal?

Class 11 mathematics RS Aggarwal contains a total of 31 chapters that are part of the Class 11 CBSE syllabus as well as the syllabus for entrance exams like JEE. To better understand the portion of the Class 11 mathematics, here is a list of all the chapters available in RS Aggarwal:

  • Chapter 1: Sets

  • Chapter 2: Relations

  • Chapter 3: Functions

  • Chapter 4: Principle of Mathematical Induction

  • Chapter 5: Complex Numbers and Quadratic Equations

  • Chapter 6: Linear Equations in One Variable

  • Chapter 7: Linear Equations in Two Variable

  • Chapter 8: Permutations

  • Chapter 9: Combinations

  • Chapter 10: Binomial Theorem

  • Chapter 11: Arithmetic Progression

  • Chapter 12: Geometrical Progression

  • Chapter 13: Some Special Series

  • Chapter 14: Measurement of Angles

  • Chapter 15: Trigonometric or Circular Functions

  • Chapter 16: Conditional Identities Involving Angles of Triangle

  • Chapter 17: Trigonometric Equations

  • Chapter 18: Solution of Triangles

  • Chapter 19: Graphs of Trigonometric Functions

  • Chapter 20: Straight Lines

  • Chapter 21: Circles

  • Chapter 22: Parabola

  • Chapter 23: Ellipse

  • Chapter 24: Hyperbola

  • Chapter 25: Applications of Conic Sections

  • Chapter 26: Three Dimensional Geometry

  • Chapter 27: Limits

  • Chapter 28: Differentiation

  • Chapter 29: Mathematical Reasoning

  • Chapter 30: Statistics

  • Chapter 31: Probability

Students can download the solutions for all chapters of Class 11 mathematics RS Aggarwal from the Vedantu website in case they have difficulty solving any questions in the above chapters.