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Practice Well With RD Sharma Class 10 Solutions Chapter 9 - Exercise 9.4

Last updated date: 20th May 2024
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RD Sharma Class 10 Solutions Chapter 9 - Arithmetic Progressions Exercise 9.4 - Free PDF

Progression means a sequence of numbers that follow a specific pattern. An arithmetic progression (AP) is a sequence where the differences between every two consecutive terms are the same. In an arithmetic progression, there is a possibility to derive a formula for the nth term. 

RD Sharma Class 10 Chapter 9 explains important concepts like general terms or nth term, first term, middle term, common difference. The RD Sharma Class 10 Solutions Chapter 9 - Arithmetic Progressions Exercise 9.4 - Free PDF prepared by the experts at Vedantu can be used by the students as a guide in their preparation for the exam. 

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List of Exercises in Chapter 9

Here is a list of the exercises from this chapter and the number of questions in each exercise:

  • Exercise 9.1 - 1 question 

  • Exercise 9.2 - 3 questions 

  • Exercise 9.3 - 3 questions 

  • Exercise 9.4 - 27 questions 

  • Exercise 9.5 - 6 questions 

  • Exercise 9.6 - 37 questions 

Advantages of Referring RD Sharma Class 10 Solutions Chapter 9 - Arithmetic Progressions Exercise 9.4- 

  • Students can quickly cover the syllabus and have ample amount of time for multiple revisions.

  • Sample solutions can serve as a guide for students who largely depend on self-study.

  • Analysis of one’s strengths and weaknesses.

  • Saves student’s time in searching for the right answers from various sources.

  • The simple explanation in the solution makes it easier for the students to grasp the concept.

  • The free PDF of RD Sharma Class 10 Solutions Chapter 9 - Arithmetic Progressions help the students to boost their practice and increase their scores in the exam.

  • This solution compilation can serve as a tool for self-evaluation by comparing their answers with the solutions provided by the experts at Vedantu.

  • The solution PDF also serves as a revision note for the students.

Why wait then? Download the solution file for this chapter and focus on preparing it in the best way possible. Find out how the experts of Vedantu have compiled Class 10 maths Chapter 9 Exercise 9.4 solutions using the concepts mentioned in this textbook. Add this solution to your study material and refer to it whenever you have queries. 

FAQs on Practice Well With RD Sharma Class 10 Solutions Chapter 9 - Exercise 9.4

1. How to download the RD Sharma class 10 solutions chapter 9 - Arithmetic Progressions Exercise 9.4 - Free PDF

To download the RD Sharma Class 10 Solutions Chapter 9 - Arithmetic Progressions (Ex 9.4) Exercise 9.4 - Free PDF follow the following steps:

  • Visit the website vedantu

  •  Click the dialogue box - Free Study Material.

  • Select popular books solution.

  • From the given options again select RD Sharma and choose Class 10 solutions.

  • Choose the chapter and exercise from the given set of the list.

  • Click on the download PDF icon.

And the set of solutions will be made available to you for free. You can also download Vedantu’s mobile app to get easy access to all the free study materials. 

2. How to make use of the RD Sharma class 10 solutions effectively

To make the most out of the compiled solution set provided by Vedantu follow the following steps: 

  • Try to finish the theory part of the chapters.

  • Understand the concept clearly from the textbook or the high-quality videos provided by Vedantu.

  • Once the concepts are clear try to attempt the exercises given after every chapter.

  • Refer to the solutions only after you have tried your best to solve the questions.

  • Compare your answers from the solutions and learn the new methods of solving the questions.

  • If the methods are clear try to attempt the question again on your own and analyze your improvements and mistakes.

  • Keep following this simple method until your core idea about the topic gets crystal clear. 

3. Is RD Sharma class 10 chapter 9 - Arithmetic Progressions a difficult topic to understand

It depends on the students’ area of interest. For some students, AP comes under one of the easiest topics in the Class 10 syllabus. On the other hand, many find it to be tricky to solve accurately. The solution compiled by the experts at Vedantu has kept in mind the concern of all the students. Thus, we have tried to solve the question from the exercises in the most simplified form so that all the students can grasp it with ease. Once you grab the concepts, you can make this chapter a scoring machine for your exams.

4. Can the questions from the exercises happen to appear in the board’s exam

If you go through the past year's sample papers, you would notice many questions are being asked from the exercises of the chapters. Considering the importance of these exercises, we at Vedantu have provided a free PDF solution. The solutions are compiled by the subject experts thereby maintaining their authenticity. If you sincerely practise these exercises you will have an edge in the examination. It would improve your score and confidence. 

5. Do I need to memorize formulas for Arithmetic Progression in class 10? 

There are not many formulas in the chapter of AP. In the RD Sharma Class 10 textbook, the concept of AP is explained in a very simple form. Also, the RD Sharma Class 10 Solutions provided by Vedantu helps you to learn the concept in an easy-going manner. You need to remember two formulas:

  • Formula to find the nth term.

  • Formula to find the sum of the terms.

The more you practice the better you can remember these formulas. They are not very hard to remember once you understand the concept.