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RD Sharma Class 10 Solutions Chapter 4 - Triangles (Ex 4.5) Exercise 4.5 RD Sharma

Last updated date: 22nd Jul 2024
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Class 10 Solutions Chapter 4 - Triangles (Ex 4.5) Exercise 4.5 - Free PDF

Free PDF download of RD Sharma Class 10 Solutions Chapter 4 - Triangles Exercise 4.5 solved by Expert Mathematics Teachers on All Chapter 4 - Triangles Ex 4.5 Questions with Solutions for RD Sharma to help you to revise the complete Syllabus and Score More marks. Register for online coaching for IIT JEE (Mains & Advanced) and other engineering entrance exams. Every NCERT Solution is provided to make the study simple and interesting on Vedantu provides you Free PDF download of NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Maths solved by Expert Teachers as per NCERT (CBSE) Book guidelines. All Chapter wise Questions with Solutions to help you to revise the complete Syllabus and Score More marks in your examinations.

The RD Sharma Solutions provided on the Vedantu website are concisely well-structured and presented in such a way to help the students to clear all the difficulties that they might face during their preparatory stage while answering the given problems in exercises. Students can effectively and efficiently start practising RD Sharma Solutions for Class 10 while self-assessing their answers using the solutions provided, it will result in good practice and better performance in the examination and also help build a strong grip in Maths.

RD Sharma class 10 solutions chapter 4 by Vedantu enables students to constantly practice and improve. It allows students to feel familiarised with the questions and be extra prepared for the actual examination. Moreover, it enables students to develop critical thinking, promotes active learning, and facilitates time management skills. Inculcating the habit of solving worksheets can be of tremendous advantage and importance. In addition, solving Worksheets helps students to develop a habit of time management. Thus students are encouraged to solve the well-structured and concise worksheets from the Vedantu website.

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Overview of Class 10 Chapter 4- Triangle

The Maths Chapter 4 - Triangles of RD Sharma Solutions for Class 10 consists of two separate exercises. These exercises include problems dealing with polygons, triangles and their properties, questions related to proportionality and the proportionality Theorem, problems on criteria for the similarity of triangles, and areas of two similar triangles. The experts at Vedantu have uniquely formulated these questions to enhance students’ understanding skills and knowledge.

Exercises Present in Class 10 Chapter 4 Triangle

The chapter talks about Acute Triangle, Obtuse Triangle, and Right Triangle. We also get to learn about the Median of a Triangle, Altitude, Orthocentre, Angular Bisectors, and Incentre. Free RD Sharma Class 10 Solutions in PDF format can be accessed through the Vedantu website. The solutions of the RD Sharma papers will enable students to assess their understanding of the examination while getting an in-depth idea of the difficulty level of the exam, individual topic weightage, and the exam pattern. Students are also encouraged to solve multiple Sample papers, previous year question papers, and other learning material during their preparation stage.

Question paper solutions designed for Vedantu are created by a group of experts and experienced teachers. The panel of experts prepares the Worksheets based on recent and relevant instructions and notifications issued by the Central Board Of Secondary Education (CBSE). Worksheets that are provided by Vedantu are not only well-structured but also accurate. They are aptly suited for young students with limited vocabulary. For best results, the students are advised to solve multiple worksheets in order to inculcate the habits of time management and speed.

FAQs on RD Sharma Class 10 Solutions Chapter 4 - Triangles (Ex 4.5) Exercise 4.5 RD Sharma

1. List a few properties of triangles.

Some of the properties are summarised in the points below.

  • All triangles will have three sides, angles, and vertices

  • The sum of any triangle will always be 180 degrees and this property is known as the angle sum property of a triangle

  • When you take the sum of any two sides of a triangle, it is always greater than the third side

2. How does RD Sharma Solutions for Class 10 Maths Chapter 4 - Triangles help students in board exams?

RD Sharma Solutions for Class 10 Maths Chapter 4 - Triangles provides answers with detailed descriptions as per the term limit specified by the Vedantu for self-evaluation. Practising these questions regularly and diligently will ensure that students have good preparation for all sorts of questions that can be asked in the finals. These solutions are the best study material for those students who are finding difficulties in solving Maths problems. It is imperative that students get a strong foundation of the Class 10 topics as the Class 11 and Class 12 syllabus are a continuation of Class 10.