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RD Sharma Class 10 Solutions Chapter 4 - Exercise 4.2

Last updated date: 09th Apr 2024
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RD Sharma Class 10 Solutions Chapter 4 - Triangles Exercise 4.2

Free PDF download of RD Sharma Class 10 Solutions Chapter 4 - Triangles Exercise 4.2 solved by Expert Mathematics Teachers on All Chapter 4 - Triangles Ex 4.2 Questions with Solutions for RD Sharma to help you revise the complete Syllabus and Score More marks. Register for online coaching for IIT JEE (Mains & Advanced) and other engineering entrance exams. Every NCERT Solution is provided to make the study simple and interesting on Vedantu.Register Online for Class 10 Science tuition on to score more marks in the CBSE board examination. is No.1 Online Tutoring Company in India Provides you Free PDF download of NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Maths solved by Expert Teachers as per NCERT (CBSE) Book guidelines. All Chapter wise Questions with Solutions to help you to revise the complete Syllabus and Score More marks in your examinations.

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Below are the Exercise Involved Chapter 4 Triangles

In exercise 4.2 we basically deal with proportionality of the triangle and a theorem related to it known as the “Basic Proportionality theorem” or “Thales theorem”.

Which states that “If a line is drawn parallel to one side of a triangle to intersect its other two sides in distinct points, then the other two sides are divided in the same ratio”. And we come across a lots of problems related to this theorem in this exercise.

RD Sharma is considered one of the most helpful books for mathematics preparation. In this book, there is a stepwise explanation of every topic. The student just needs to understand the first step properly, then they can move to the second step and so on. In the school classes, while the teachers usually try to complete the concepts in a time period of 40 to 45 minutes this book provides you with the detail of the concepts that will help you to understand the topics well during self-study as well.

If you are the one who lacks mathematics skills you too need to take extra time for self-study and for this you can use the solutions of RD Sharma book provided to you on Vedantu. Moreover, tuition and coaching centres nowadays are really expensive and not everyone has the time or money for it. But if you will take help from these solutions provided to you by the website it will be very easy for you as you just need to download the PDF and you will get solutions designed by experts for all the problems.

How RD Sharma Will Help Me To Clear My Board Exams?

  • RD Sharma is a book containing a stepwise explanation of all the topics that helps the students to learn the concepts easily.

  • Understanding CBSE 10 Class mathematics is a very tough job but if you have solutions for the questions that are well defined it will be very easy for you to understand the topic.

  • You should practice a few questions from the book on a regular basis. If you will be consistent with your efforts, you are surely going to excel in your board exams.

  • When you start preparing for the exam just go through all the questions along with the solution as having a solution will help you to solve the problems easily and also you can score high by practising these solutions provided by experts.

  • RD Sharma is a detailed version of NCERT as all the topics mentioned in NCERT is also covered in RD Sharma and in such a way that you understand that topic well.

FAQs on RD Sharma Class 10 Solutions Chapter 4 - Exercise 4.2

1. How can RD Sharma solutions help for board exam preparations?

When you solve the practice problems provided in RD Sharma there are a few questions that you are not able to understand or solve. But if you will take help from the solutions provided on the website of Vedantu, it will help you to solve the questions easily as well you will get a good idea about that concept. Besides these solutions specially designed by experts contain shortcuts so that you can solve them easily at the time of exams.

2. What is the importance of the chapter 4 triangle from the exam point of view?

The chapter triangle is one of the most important chapters for your boards as well as objective-type questions. Direct questions are asked from this chapter which carries a weightage of approximately 9 marks in the board examination. This chapter requires a lot of practice and make sure while preparing for the examination you practice a lot of questions mentioned in books like RD Sharma.

3. Is RD Sharma good if I want to prepare for my board exams?

RD Sharma is a book that is preferred by most teachers and experts. You should definitely go for this book if you want to score well in your board exams as this book provides detailed knowledge of all the chapters and topics. So if you want to pass your board exams with high scores, solve the practice problems mentioned at the back of the chapter and go through the solutions if you face problems while solving the questions.

4. What study material will I require to pass the Mathematics examination of class 10?

Class 10 has the question papers that directly go to the board, that is, they are the board exams. So it is necessary for you to pass this class with good scores. To score well in the mathematics exam you need to be focused. Prepare well for the exam, use help from the RD Sharma book and the solutions provided by the expert websites such as  Vedantu to solve the practice problems that are mentioned at the end of each chapter.

5. Is Chapter 4 Triangles tough to revise?

No, it is one of the most scoring chapters. What you need to do is be well prepared to solve lots of questions. When you practice a number of questions you get that topic and concepts clear in your mind so you are able to attempt the questions in the exam easily. Besides this, take help from the RD Sharma book as this book provides you with the step-wise explanation of all the topics helping you to clear your concept as well as score well from this part.