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RD Sharma Class 10 Solutions Chapter 15- Exercise 15.4

Last updated date: 17th Apr 2024
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Areas Related to Circles (Ex 15.4) Exercise 15.4 - Free PDF

Students looking for Free PDF download of RD Sharma Class 10 Solutions Chapter 15 - Areas Related to Circles Exercise 15.4 solved by expert mathematics teachers can find it on Vedantu. All Chapter 15 - Areas Related to Circles Ex 15.4 Questions with Solutions for RD Sharma to help you to revise the complete Syllabus and Score More marks. Register for online coaching for IIT JEE (Mains & Advanced) and other engineering entrance exams.

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Competitive Exams after 12th Science

Importance of Learning the Concepts Regarding Areas Related to Circles

Areas related to circles is considered one of the most basic chapters that the students learn in class 10. But it is not sufficient to memorize the formulae to apply them for solving the question papers in the examination. This is one such important concept that students need to learn if they want to score well in their examinations and want to prepare themselves to appear for competitive examinations like JEE.

We all know that the class 10 examination is one of the most important examinations for the students that they will appear for, in their lifetime and that is why they need to learn all the concepts so that they can solve complicated questions with ease as well.

Since this is a chapter the students need to cover for scoring well in the mathematics examination, they need to find a good source from where they can take help to clarify their doubts related to the subject matter. The book will also help them to learn the concepts well so that there is no difficulty in pursuing their higher studies in mathematics.

The Need to Refer to the RD Sharma Class 10 Solutions Chapter 15 - Areas Related to Circles Exercise 15.4

The concept of the areas of the circle is the topic the students need to learn with utmost attention and clarity so that they can apply the learned formulae to solve greater problems. The solutions presented in the book are of great help for the students who are facing difficulties in solving the equations and want to know the procedures of solving the problems.

The expert teachers and mentors have answered the questions present in the book of RD Sharma that is designed specifically for the students who are appearing for the class 10th examination. All of them are efficient at solving mathematical equations and are experts in their fields.


  • The book will immensely help the students to find out the exact answers to the questions that are in the exercise sections. Since they are solved by qualified teachers, there is no chance of error involved in the process.

  • The mentors have explained the process well while analysing the problems and finding out the solutions. The students will be able to understand the process and the significance of various factors that are needed to find out the answer.

  • It does not only include the solutions to the problems and the calculation process but also introduces the concept beforehand so that the students get a good grasp of the subject matter before delving into the solving process.

  • It contains the step by step analysis of the calculation process to provide the students with a detailed overview of the methods involved to find out the exact answer.


Preparing for the class 10 Solutions Chapter 15 using Vedantu as a source can really help to understand the concept.

FAQs on RD Sharma Class 10 Solutions Chapter 15- Exercise 15.4

1. How can Vedantu provide the students with a detailed overview of a particular concept?

The mentors at Vedantu are highly qualified and they put in conscious effort to explain the concepts in easy language so that the students can understand the concepts well. Apart from explaining the concepts in detail, they make efforts to simplify the calculation process for the students and suggest tips and methods so that it takes less time to solve the equations. They believe that simplifying a concept will help the learners most easily. Students can use Vedantu website to get the PDF format of the same.

2. How will consulting RD Sharma class 10 solution books prove to be beneficial for the students appearing for the class 10 examination?

The books will provide the learners with a detailed guide to know about a particular concept or a chapter in detail. The chapters and the content are specifically designed in a scientific way discussing the vital concepts one after the other so that it can gradually enlighten them. The solutions are properly formatted and analyzed along with explaining the importance of the various steps involved in the calculation process. If the students are preparing for competitive examinations, consulting the books can prove to be highly beneficial for them in the long run.

3. What are the special features of the RD Sharma Class 10 solution books?

The most important thing that the students need to remember before consulting any book is that they need to pay proper attention throughout the learning process. Since learning the concepts play a very important role in shaping the basic ideas, the explanations should be provided in lucid language and the solutions and calculation process should be explained properly. RD Sharma's book does exactly so and that is why referring to these books is important to score well.

4. Is learning to solve questions regarding the areas related to the circle important?

Yes. We all know how vital the examination of class 10 is for the students. The chapters as well as the equations dealing with the areas related to the circle are some of the most important topics that the students must learn. This is one of the sections from which there will be questions on the final examinations as well as in competitive examinations like JEE. That's why the students cannot take the risk of skipping this particular chapter.

5. Can students have a real-time learning experience at Vedantu?

When it comes to learning new concepts and revising the already learned topics, there is no alternative to Vedantu. The students can book free sessions and join the live online classes where they can get a real-time learning experience. They can also ask the questions directly to the mentors who take special care to inscribe the concepts on the minds of the students. Nothing can be better than learning, studying and revising concepts and ideas at the same time.