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RD Sharma Class 10 Solutions Chapter 1 - Real Numbers (Ex 1.6) Exercise 1.6

Last updated date: 17th Apr 2024
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RD Sharma Class 10 Solutions Chapter 1 - Real Numbers (Ex 1.6) Exercise 1.6 - Free PDF

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Why Should Students Practice RD Sharma Exercises?

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Real Number: Class 10 Chapter 1 

A mix of both rational and irrational numbers is known as real numbers. Denoted by the symbol R, these numbers can be both positive and negative. Fractions, natural numbers, and decimals fall under this category. Zero can be considered both a real number and an imaginary number. If you are specifically looking for the solutions to RD Sharma class 10, chapter 1 - exercise 1.6 ‘Real Numbers’ then you can find it at Vedantu. There are a host of resources and learning materials on different subjects, domains, and classes that are provided by Vedantu on its app as well as the website for free. These learning materials can be downloaded for free in the form of PDF format. 

Topics You Will Learn in Real Numbers


Real Numbers




Euclid’s Division Lemma


The Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic


Revisiting Irrational Numbers


Revisiting Rational Numbers and Their Decimal Expansions



FAQs on RD Sharma Class 10 Solutions Chapter 1 - Real Numbers (Ex 1.6) Exercise 1.6

1. How can I access the solutions to RD Sharma class 10 chapter 1 exercises?

It is very simple to get access to the RD Sharma class 10 chapter 1 solutions at Vedantu. You can download these solutions either from the website or app in PDF format. The good thing is these are available for free and the students do not need to pay anything for getting their hands on some of the best learning tutorials on the web. These tutorials are prepared by experts with years of experience and understanding of the subject domain. 

2. What are the benefits of referring to RD Sharma class 10 solutions from Vedantu?

The RD Sharma class 10 solutions provide the students with a comprehensive solution to the different math concepts and topics. This will help the students to prepare for their Maths exams and it equips them to tackle the questions on different topics. These solutions also provide the different ways in which you can approach the math concepts and give the best way of solving the questions. 

3. What are the different chapters included in the RD Sharma class 10?

There is a wide range of different concepts, topics, and chapters that are covered in the RD Sharma class 10 solutions. Some of the mathematical topics or chapters covered in the RD Sharma class 10 includes ‘Real Numbers’, ‘Polynomials’, ‘Pair of linear equations in two variables, ‘Triangles’, ‘Trigonometric Ratios’, ‘Statistics’, ‘Quadratic equations’, ‘Circles’, and ‘Probability’ amongst others. These chapters cover most of the math concepts and this helps the students to prepare well for their Maths exams. 

4. Why are RD Sharma class solutions important?

RD Sharma holds a Ph.D. in mathematics and he is head of the department for Science & Humanities under the Technical Education Directorate. The Maths content from RD Sharma is considered the gold standard domain and this is why it has become an important study material for mathematics students. Vedantu provides learning solutions to RD Sharma books for different classes that help the students in tackling the numerous Maths topics and concepts. 

5. Can the RD Sharma Class 10 solutions from Vedantu be trusted?

Yes, the RD Sharma class 10 solutions from Vedantu are incredibly reliable and accurate. These solutions are prepared by Maths professionals that are experts in the field and have numerous years of teaching experience. The learning material is carefully formatted, revised, and curated to ensure its accuracy, efficiency as well as effectiveness. This is why the students can rely on these learning materials for effective preparation for their exams.