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Your doctor prescribes you to take 400 milligrams of medicine every 8 hours. How many ounces of medicine do you take in a day?

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Hint:To find ounces of medicine in a day, as in 8 hours 400 milligrams of medicine is prescribed for this calculate the medicine for 1 hour as per the data from 8 hours. Hence based on this calculate for a day that is for 24 hours. Then convert milligrams to ounces.

Complete step by step answer:
To find the ounces of medicine taken in a day, as per the data given 400 milligrams of medicine is prescribed for every 8 hours, and here we need to find for a day i.e.,
for 24 hours.
Hence let us write the given data from the question stated:
400 milligrams of medicine = 8 hours,
Hence, medicine per hour: \[\dfrac{{400}}{8}\]= 50 milligrams.
This implies every 8 hours is 3 times per day.
400 milligrams times 3 = 1200 milligrams per day i.e.
\[400 \times 3 = 1200\]milligrams of medicine.
There are 1000 milligrams in every gram so divide 1200 by 1000 to get the number of grams.
\[\dfrac{{1200}}{{1000}} = 1.2\]grams per day.
Hence, we get 1.2 grams per day.
Now each ounce is 28.35grams.
Therefore, each gram is \[\dfrac{1}{{28.35}}\] grams and
1.2 grams is \[\dfrac{{1.2}}{{28.35}}\] ounces i.e.
The conversion factor for grams to ounces:
1 gram = 0.035274 ounces
\[1.2\left( {0.035274} \right) = 0.04233\]ounces.
And also, by knowing the values of 1 ounce i.e.,
1 ounce = 28349.5 milligrams.
1200 milligrams = \[\dfrac{{1200}}{{28349.5}} = 0.0432\] ounces.
Therefore, 0.04233 ounces of medicine in a day.

Note:To convert the value obtained in milligrams to ounces we must know the value of 1 ounce i.e., 28349.5 milligrams, by this we can get the value in ounces. Suppose we have to convert Kilogram into ounces. We have to use this conversion. i.e. 1 kg equal to 35.274 ounces.
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