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You use 4 gallons of water on 14 plants in your garden. At this rate, how much water will it take to water 35 plants?

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint:Consider the given data 4 gallons is for 14 plants, based on this we can calculate for 35 plants how much water is used.

Complete step by step answer:
As given,
14 plants require 4 gallons of water i.e.
14 plants = 4 gallons
Here, we need to find for 35 plants i.e.
35 plants =?
\[35 plants = 35 plants \times \dfrac{{4 gallons}}{{14 plants}}\]
\[35 plants = 10 gallons\]
Therefore for 35 plants the required water is \[10 gallons\].

Additional Information: Here is some information about, how do plants absorb water. Plants absorb water through their entire surface – roots, stems and leaves. However, the majority of water is absorbed by the roots. Water absorbed by plants depends on its availability in the soil reservoir.
Therefore, the soil reservoir is studied in relation to its available water capacity, which depends on the field capacity and on the permanent wilting point. Approaches on water availability are presented in function of the soil water potential, derived from the Gibbs free energy concept. It is shown that the water flow through the plant has to be analysed as a whole, that is, considering the Soil-Plant-Atmosphere System.
Mathematical approaches are shown on how to solve differential equations written in the cylindrical coordinate system. Considerations are made about soil water and evapotranspiration, about the least limiting water range, and about the penetrometer used to measure soil resistance to root penetration.

Note: To find the quantity of water required for 35 plants, consider the water used for 14 plants. Hence, based on the given data we can find any quantity of water used to supply any number of plants.