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Xylem fiber is a
(A) Bast fiber
(B) Wood fiber
(C) Heart wood
(D) Libriform fiber

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: In plants, xylem is the tissue that is present in the stem regions used to carry the water and the minerals from the roots of the plants to the leaves, which is the site for the photosynthesis. The shape and the arrangement of the vascular bundles depends upon the different types of vascular bundle.

Complete answer:
The parts of the xylem are the xylem vessels, xylem fibers, tracheid and the xylem parenchyma. Xylem fibers are the thick lignified fibers that are made up of the dead sclerenchyma cells. These are located between the xylem vessels and the tracheid of the xylem in a plant. They are hard tissues and are woody in nature.

These sclerenchyma cells lack the protoplast in their cells at the time of maturity. Thus, it provides mechanical support to the xylem vessels for the transport of the water and the other nutrients and also offers strength to the whole plants. These xylem fibers are also called as the wood fibers. These fibers have a high elasticity and good tensile strength and this ability makes them strong

Hence the correct answer is OPTION(B)

Note: There are two types of xylem fibers. They are fiber tracheid and the libriform fibers. Fiber tracheids are involved in the process of conduction since they possess very broad pits and the libriform fibers are used for the purpose of mechanical strength and they possess very small and simple pits.