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Write two properties of magnetic lines of force.

Last updated date: 22nd Feb 2024
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Hint: You could initially give a brief description about what exactly these field lines are. Then you could think of the properties that are related to these magnetic field lines of force. You could then briefly explain two of these properties. Thus you will understand the significance of these properties.

Complete answer:
We call the lines that depict the magnetic force as the magnetic lines of force. These lines normally lie surrounding the magnet.
These magnetic lines of force are known to have numerous properties that are really important. We are asked to list two of those properties.
The first property is about the direction that it follows. We know that every magnet is known to have two poles, namely, north and south poles. This property says that these field lines emerge from the north pole and merge at the south pole. This is what happens outside a magnet. Since they are known to form closed loops, their direction inside the magnet is opposite to this. This is another property of the magnetic lines of force that states that the magnetic lines of force are directed from south pole to North pole.

Other than the mentioned properties there exist many more properties to these magnetic lines of force. They include: the density of these magnetic lines of force is decreased when the distance between the poles is increased. Also, no two magnetic lines of force intersect with each other. Also, the strength of the magnetic lines is found to be directly proportional to the proximity of these lines.
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