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Write the symbols of lead.

Last updated date: 14th Jul 2024
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Hint: As we know that chemical or elemental symbols are the abbreviations used in chemistry for various chemical elements, compounds, functional groups, etc. These are used to often make our theory work easily or to write a balanced chemical equation for a reaction. So here we have to tell the chemical symbol for lead.

Complete answer:
Let us discuss about chemical symbols and lead followed by its chemical symbol as follows:-
Chemical symbols: These are the abbreviated forms used in chemistry to represent various chemical elements, compounds, functional groups, etc. in chemical equations or theories. Generally these chemical symbols are abbreviated forms of earlier Latin and Greek names of chemical elements.
Lead: It is a chemical element whose atomic number is 82. It belongs to d-group elements which are also known as transition metal groups.
-It is quite a heavy metal and denser than most of the materials we use. It is soft as well as malleable and has a low melting point. It is also an unreactive post-transition metal.
-The chemical name of lead in Latin language is plumbum and its abbreviation is Pb. Plumbum refers to the softness and malleability of a metal. It also means liquid silver as the colour of the lead is quite silvery and it has low melting point as well.

Therefore we can say that the symbol of lead is ‘Pb’.

-Remember to learn all the elements of the periodic table along with its atomic number and chemical symbol so as to solve questions regarding chemical elements and their symbols.
-Also the chemical symbol for all the isotopes of the same element is also the same.