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Write the name and symbol of one transuranic element.

Last updated date: 23rd Jul 2024
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Hint: Recall the periodic table and identify all the elements that have an atomic number which is greater than 92, which is incidentally the atomic number uranium.

Complete answer:
Uranium is present in period 7 of the periodic table and is one of the actinides in the inner transition elements.
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Here, you can see that uranium is element 4 among the actinides and all the elements after that are called the trans-uranic elements. They are all radioactive and have small half-lives. Thus, they are very difficult to study. All elements after the plutonium (Pu) mentioned here, are purely synthetic and cannot be found anywhere in nature.
An example of a trans-uranic element is Dubnium. It has the chemical symbol $Db$ and the atomic number 105. It is a synthetic radioactive element whose most stable isotope has a half-life of 28 hours which is a lot more than its neighbouring elements whose half-lives last between a few hours to a day. It has an electronic configuration of $[Rn]5{{f}^{14}}6{{d}^{6}}7{{s}^{2}}$ and is one of the inner transition elements. It was synthesized by the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory in 1970.

Note: There was a need to define trans-uranic elements as such because uranium is the heaviest and the last element in the periodic table which can be found naturally in significant quantities. All the elements heavier than this have to be synthesized in laboratories for study to be conducted.