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Write the molecular formula of water.

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Hint: Atoms are tiny particles and invisible to the human eye. The atoms are involved in bonding and form molecules. These molecules are the combination of atoms. Water is a molecule consisting of atoms like oxygen and hydrogen. The molecular formula of water can be Written from oxygen and hydrogen.

Complete answer:
Water is a molecule consisting of atoms like oxygen and hydrogen. There are two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. Hydrogen is the element with atomic number \[1\] and has one valence electron. Oxygen is an element with atomic number \[8\] and has six valence electrons. These three atoms have eight valence electrons and form three covalent bonds. Thus, six electrons were utilized. The remaining four electrons exist as lone pairs on oxygen atoms.
Due to the presence of two lone pairs of electrons, water molecules are bent or V-shape. The hybridization of water molecules is \[s{p^3}\] . The bond angle of water is \[{104.5^0}\], which is less than the normal bond angle exhibited by tetrahedral or \[s{p^3}\]hybridization molecules. Due to the repulsions between the lone pairs on oxygen atoms in the water molecule.
Thus, the molecular formula of water is \[{H_2}O\].

Water can be considered as a polar solvent, due to the polarity or movement of electrons. It can also be called a universal solvent as most of the organic compounds are polar, and soluble in polar solvent like water. Water is very essential to the organisms on the earth.
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