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Write the IUPAC name of the following?
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Last updated date: 13th Jul 2024
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Hint: We need to remember that there are many functional groups known till date and it is easy to identify functional groups while looking at the structure or the chemical name given. Keto group has \[C = O\] in it , Hydroxy group contains \[O - H\] bond this will be helpful in answering this question.

Complete answer:
While looking at this question it is not asked to define the product as no forward arrow is given so as to make it a chemical reaction. So we can find the IUPAC names for both the reactants. While looking at reactant 1, it has Chlorine atom, carbon atom and also has oxygen. Carbon is having a double bond with oxygen which is also known as keto group since it has chlorine in it thus this belongs to acetyl chloride functional group which has both keto and chloro group in it.
Thus IUPAC name for this reactant is
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Ethanoyl chloride since two carbon atoms are there.
It is commonly called acetyl chloride, which is an acyl chloride that is a derivative of acetic acid.
\[N{H_2}OH\] this is an inorganic salt having the chemical name hydroxylamine. It contains both amine and hydroxyl functional groups. The IUPAC name is the same as the chemical name for this compound. It is a mild base due to which the value of ionization is small. It is prepared from an oxime functional group.

We must remember that hydroxylamine is a weak base which is derived from the oxime functional group whereas acetyl chloride is the functional group which is derived from acetic acid. Ethanoyl chloride is also called acetyl chloride.