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Write the full form of OTE.

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: OTE is an abbreviation that is commonly used to describe generation of energy from the ocean. It is often due to the temperature difference between the surface of the ocean and the deep ocean.

Complete step by step solution:
The Acronym OTE simply stands for Ocean thermal Energy.
There is another acronym one should be conversant with, which is OTEC. This stands for ocean thermal energy conversion.
Let’s take a little peek into the workings of the science and technology of converting the ocean thermal energy into electricity.
Generally, the ocean thermal energy (OTE) is the energy possessed by the ocean due to its own temperature difference between the deep part of the ocean and the shallow part.
The ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) takes advantage of this temperature gradient between the deep ocean and the top part of the ocean. This can be used to run a heat engine which in turn can do work on a generator which in turn creates electricity.
In a form, the working principle is as follows:
Warm water at the surface is allowed to pass through a heat exchanger. In this heat exchanger there is also a working liquid flowing in. The heat of the warm water causes the working fluid to evaporate. This is allowed to expand through a turbine which causes a generator to generate electricity. The working fluid is allowed to condense and liquefy by passing it through another heat exchanger with cold water from below. This liquefied working fluid goes back again into the heat exchanger with hot water, and the process repeats.

For clarity, the surface water is warm simply because of the heat of the sun. Due to the low thermal conductivity of water, the heat is not conducted quickly downward, hence keeping the bottom cold.