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Write the chemical equation to illustrate the acidic nature of nitric acid.

Last updated date: 23rd Jul 2024
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Hint: We have to remember that the acids are the species that can donate a proton whereas a base is any substance which can accept a proton. Acids can be monobasic or dibasic on the basis of the number of hydrogen present in it. Nitric acid is not considered to be a strong acid.

Complete answer:
We need to know that nitric acid has the chemical formula of HNO3. It is easily interpreted from the molecular formula that it is acidic as it contains a proton. Nitric acid is a colorless liquid with pungent and a very strong smell. Since Ph of nitric acid is not more than 7, it is acidic in nature. It is bitter in taste and reacts violently with other metals too. Nitric acid is monobasic in nature as it has only one proton. The chemical equation for nitric acid and water is:
\[HN{O_3} + {H_2}O \to {H_3}{O^ + } + N{O_3}^ - \]
In this reaction, hydronium acts as conjugate acid while nitrate ion is the conjugate base.
When nitric acid decomposes it dissociates into \[{H^ + }\] and \[N{O_3}^ - \], this equation indicates that nitric acid is acidic in nature. The chemical equation can be represented as:
\[HN{O_3} \to {H^ + } + N{O_3}^ - \]
Also nitric acid when reacts with base salt and water is produced which confirms its acidic nature.
\[HN{O_3} + NaOH \to NaN{O_3} + {H_2}O\]
In this reaction sodium hydroxide is a base and nitric acid is an acid thus salt and water are the two products that are formed.

We know that when acid and base react together, salt and water is produced; these types of reactions are known as neutralization reactions. A base accepts a proton and an acid donates a proton. Since nitric acid has a ph less than 7 thus it is acidic in nature and also it turns blue litmus red.