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Write chemical name of the following compound:
 $ N{a_4}Fe{(CN)_6} $

Last updated date: 21st Jul 2024
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Hint :The first element in the formula is simply listed using the name of the element. The second element is named by taking the stem of the element name and adding the suffix -ide. A system of numerical prefixes is used to specify the number of atoms in a molecule.

Complete Step By Step Answer:
The chemical name of $ N{a_4}Fe{(CN)_6} $ is sodium ferrocyanide. Chemical formulae help us to represent any chemical substance using the symbol of the elements present in it. The chemical formula is a symbolic representation of the compound’s chemical composition. Chemical formulas provide information about the ratio in which the atoms of elements combine to form molecules. For example, consider the chemical formula of water $ {H_2}O $ . The chemical formula tells that two hydrogen atoms combine with one oxygen atom to form one molecule of water.
Therefore, the chemical name of $ N{a_4}Fe{(CN)_6} $ is sodium ferrocyanide.

Note :
Remember the following points while writing any chemical formula: An atom having a positive charge is called a cation and an atom having a negative charge is called an anion. If a compound contains a metal and a nonmetal, then in this case, the metal is named first followed by the non-metal. Consider sodium chloride as an example. The formula of sodium chloride is $ NaCl $ . It consists of a sodium ion which is a metal ion and also a chlorine ion which is a non-metal ion. Sodium ion has positive charge and is a cation. Chlorine ion has a negative charge, so it is an anion.