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Write assumptions of Dalton’s atomic theory.

Last updated date: 18th Jul 2024
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Hint :To solve the given question, we should have information about the atomic theory. Atomic theory states that all the particles are composed of innumerable combinations of small indivisible particles called atoms. They can be of various sizes but the same material which is very basic. It is also confirmed that a chemical reaction is basically a rearrangement of atoms.

Complete Step By Step Answer:
For the atomic theory, Dalton proposed a few postulates which were the result of the law of conservation of mass. This law states that mass can neither be created nor be destroyed, only transformed. There are five basic postulates given by Dalton’s atomic theory as follows :
-All matter includes indivisible particles called atoms.
-All atoms belonging to a similar element are the same but are different from other elements.
-Atoms are tiny indestructible particles.
-Atoms of different elements combine in a fixed whole number ratio while forming a compound.
-Atoms of the same element can combine in more than one ratio to form two or more compounds.

Note :
Among all the postulates, the main point of Dalton’s atomic theory was that matter is composed of atoms that are tiny indivisible and indestructible blocks of matter.