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Write a short note on Joint forest management

Last updated date: 24th Jun 2024
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Hint: The extraction of wood, timber, and other products have to be obtained from the forest for various human activities while making sure of maintaining environmental sustainability. In other words, human activities in the forest should be maintained so as to protect and develop the forests.

Complete answer:
-The human activities in the forests are termed as forest management. Various natural products are obtained from the forest which is used in our day to day life. The forests are chiefly impacted by climate, water, soil, temperature, and several human activities. Various forests are managed by humans to obtain wood, timber, and other natural products from the forests.
-Forest management deals with the total administrative, economic, legal, social, technical, and scientific features for protection as well as forest regulation. Management of the animals, fish, flora, fauna, wood commodity, genetic sources of the forests, water, values of the urban population, forests aesthetics, and other forest resources. Nowadays, there is an enhanced awareness of forest management.
-The joint forest management (JFM) came into existence in 1988 and the Orissa state had passed the first forest management resolution. Nearly 22 states are presently implementing JFM. In JFM there exists a partnership between the forest department of various states and the local village communities that depend on the forest for their day to day activities. It was formed by the environment along with the forest ministry of the Indian Government to construct forest in barren soil. In JFM one of the forest protection teams will be in agreement with the forest department. In this, there is one forest protection committee that is in agreement with the forest department. It is also involved in maintaining the ecosystem balance and climate protection.

Note: Ecological farming is an example of JFM that attempts to restore the traditional preservation methods to develop new farming methods that do not damage or degrade the land. The Beej Bachao Andolan movement is an example of ecological farming where the farmers have shown that crop production is possible without the use of chemical fertilizers.