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Writa a short speech on 'Coping with a Loss'

Last updated date: 18th Jul 2024
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It is true that life is not always fun. There is a serious and sad side of life too. Life is uncertain and there are chances of facing a loss of any kind at any point. So every person should develop a set of values and attitudes which will help him in times of distress. It is said that time is a great healer. The pain and suffering of a loss slowly reduces and disappears with the elapse of time.

It is necessary to fortify oneself and have a strong mind to face any loss in life. One should not have a break down in the times of loss. In the time of loss remind yourself that this will also pass away. Problems are like passing clouds which will not stay permanently with you. So if you are strong one day you can be yourself once again after the cloud passes.   

Keeping a positive mind set during loss helps to recover faster. It is said that success begets success. So if a person thinks in a positive way he will attract positive reactions and will be able to overcome the loss much faster.