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World summit on sustainable development (2002) was held in
A. Argentina
B. South Africa
C. Brazil
D. Sweden

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Hint: The Declaration of the Conference noticed that community development, creating economies, and innovative modern headways hurt the climate. The Declaration of the Conference additionally framed environmentalism in common liberty terms, affirming that each human has the option to a spotless and solid climate.

Complete answer:
The sustainable development of the World summit was organized in Johannesburg, South Africa, from 26th August to 4th September 2002. It was a phenomenal occasion to reinforce the part of wellbeing in the practical turn of events.
Health is both an asset for, just as a result of, a supportable turn of events. The objectives of manageable improvement cannot be accomplished when there is a high commonness of incapacitating disease and neediness, and the strength of a population cannot be kept up without a responsive wellbeing framework and a healthy climate.
Land degradation, fumble of common assets, and unhealthy patterns, and ways of life sway wellbeing. Chronic sickness, thus hampers neediness mitigation, and monetary turn of events.
Hence, Option (b) South Africa is a correct answer.

Additional Information:
In 2018, the thirteen seminars of Group of Twenty (G20) were held in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina from 30th November to 1 December.
The United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED), otherwise called the Rio de Janeiro Earth Summit was a significant United Nations meeting held in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) from 3 to 14 June in 1992.
The United Nations Conference on the Human Environment was an overall gathering assembled under United Nations membership held in Stockholm, Sweden from June 5-16, 1972.

Factors, for example, land degradation, a blunder of regular assets, and undesirable utilization patterns were addressed under this summit. It delivered conventions managing environmental change, biodiversity, ranger service, and suggested a rundown of improvement ideas. It gave the idea of practical advancement to be consolidated monetary development with biological duty.