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How many Won can be changed for $Rs. 6 $ and $Rs. 600$?

Last updated date: 24th Jul 2024
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Hint: All the quantities are measured using standard units. A certain amount of the quantity is represented by these units. For example, 10 meters means 10 times the definite predetermined length that is represented as a meter. Different countries have different units for measuring the amount of money, as humans keep traveling from one country to another so they also need some measure for converting one currency to another. In India, money is calculated in rupees and in Korea money is measured in Won. In this question, we are given the amount of money in rupees and we have to convert it into Won.

Complete step-by-step solution:
We know that
$1\,rupee = 15.029\,Won$
So, $Rs.6 = 6 \times 15.029\,Won = 90.174Won$
Thus, $Rs.6 = 90.174Won$
And $Rs.600 = 600 \times 15.029\,Won = 9017.4Won$
So, $Rs.600 = 9017.4Won$
Hence, $Rs.6$ in Won is equal to $15.029$ won and $Rs.600$ in won is equal to $9017.4$ won.

Note: Calculating the size or amount or degree of something by using an instrument or device is called measuring and the number obtained after measuring is called the measurement. For example, the mass of objects is measured using a weighing machine. Different quantities are measured by taking different units.

There are some standard units assigned by the international system of units, these units are called S.I. units. These units are assigned to seven base quantities; all other quantities can be derived from these base quantities. Money is not one of the scientific quantities, it is a quantity used by humans in daily life, and any currency can be converted into another by using the relation between their units.