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Who invented the tube light?

Last updated date: 17th Jul 2024
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Hint: The tube light also called the fluorescent lamp converts the electrical energy into the useful light energy. As the fluorescent lamps contain mercury, thus, are classified as the hazardous waste. A tube light flickers, flickers a bit more and then starts.

Complete answer:
Edmund Germer, a German inventor is recognized as the father of the fluorescent lamp.
The tube light is the fluorescent lamp. The tube light or the lamp is a low pressure, mercury vapour gas discharge lamp that works on the principle of fluorescence to produce visible light.
When the power button is switched on, the electric current passes through the tube. This current when passes through the gas energizes the mercury vapour, this vapour delivers the ultraviolet radiation through a discharge process. The radiation of ultraviolet rays causes the phosphor coating present on the inner wall of the lamp to radiate the visible light.
There are 2 types of fluorescent lamps. They are the compact fluorescent lamp and the fluorescent tubes.
Many times the name Thomas Alva Edison is misunderstood with the name of Edmund Germer. The electric lamp, in particular, the incandescent light bulb was invented by Thomas Alva Edison, whereas, the tube light, also called the fluorescent lamp was invented by Edmund Germer.
\[\therefore \] The tube light was invented by a German inventor Edmund Germer.

The tube light is called by many names, such as a fluorescent lamp, a fluorescent tube and a gas discharge lamp. The fluorescent lamps are much more efficient than the incandescent lamps. There are other types of light sources available, such as LED.