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Which tool is used to pick up extremely hot objects?
(a) crucible
(b) evaporating dish
(c) tongs
(d) Erlenmeyer flask
(e) mortar and pestle

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: These all are the lab equipments and are used in the laboratories and each tool has its own different function like crucibles for heating, evaporating flask for evaporation, tongs for picking, Erlenmeyer flask for storing and mortar and pestle for grinding. Now identify it.

Complete step by step answer:
To know, with the help of which tool we can pick the hot objects i.e. the objects like the test tubes etc. which become hot when the chemical tests involve heating , let’s discuss the above given tools .
Crucible: it is a substance which is used for heating the objects in the laboratories and the crucibles tongs are mostly to heat solids when they are subjected to under the high temperatures in the laboratories.
Evaporating dish: it is used for the evaporation of the non-volatile solutions.
Tongs: they are also called as the beaker tongs and are used to hold or pick up the beakers.
Erlenmeyer flask: it is used to hold those substances(may be the solids or the liquids) that releases the gases during the chemical reactions and are mostly used to store the liquids.
Mortar and pestle: these are tools which are used for the crushing and grinding of the substances i.e. breaking them into the pieces.
Hence, from this it is clear that tongs are used to pick the hot objects.

Thus, option(c) is correct.

Note: Tongs and the crucibles tongs are both different words but their function is the same i.e. of picking the hot objects but there is a difference tongs are used to hold the hot beakers but crucible tongs are used to pick other hot objects other than the beakers and for picking the small hot objects, forceps are used mostly.