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Which separation technique will you apply for the separation of iron pins from the sand?

Last updated date: 25th Feb 2024
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Hint :Mixture consists of two or more substances. Most of the time each component of the mixture can be separated from one other and can be brought back into their pure form using different chemical and physical techniques .

Complete Step By Step Answer:
To separate a mixture, one should have knowledge about the physical or chemical properties of all the components present in the mixture.
First of all , know about the physical state of all the components present in the mixture i.e. if they are solid , liquid or in gaseous phase and figure out which technique can be used to remove that particular component from the other component .
Since, in our question, we are given the mixture of sand and iron nails.
Since, we know iron is a metal that has magnetic properties while sand does not have. Sand cannot be attracted by the magnet.
Thus, we will use magnetic separation technique to separate irons from the sand using a strong magnet. Though the process is tedious and time taking but this physical method is easy to use and is very much effective.

Note :
Magnet is a material or the object that has the magnetic properties or that object which produces a magnetic field. Magnet attracts or pulls other ferromagnetic substances like iron, nickel, cobalt towards itself. Magnetic field is invisible but can be strongly experienced. Interestingly, magnets have two poles – South Pole and the North Pole. Like or same poles repel each other while the opposite poles attract each other.
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