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Which one shows polymorphism?
A) Honey Bee
B) Cockroach
3) Earthworms
4) Frog

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: Polymorphism is the occurrence of several forms or types of individuals among the members of a single species. It occurs due to discontinuous genetic variations.

Complete step by step answer: Polymorphism is the existence of two or more different forms in an adult organism of the same species as of insects. In the presence of the queen, worker and drone is an example of polymorphism. So, honey bees are known as social and polymorphic insects. They live in colonies in hives, and each bee colony includes several thousand bees which consist of one queen, several hundred drones and ten thousand worker bees. Polymorphism is heritable. Multiple phenotypes of a species occur at the same time. It leads to genetic variation. ABO blood group is an example of polymorphism. Polymorphism permits you to characterize one interface and have numerous usage. It is a component that permits one interface to be utilized for an overall class of activities. An activity may display distinctive conduct in various cases. The conduct relies upon the kinds of information utilized in the activity.
Hence, the correct answer is option A.

Note: Genetic polymorphism occurs when the morphs are a result of genetic determination only. The extreme case of genetic polymorphism is that of the papilionidae great Mormon (Papilio memnon), where four male forms and twenty-six female forms are reported. This species, and others in its genus, have been extensively studied for understanding the genetic basis for polymorphism and Batesian mimicry.