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Which one of the following relationships is correct?
A.$\text{Atomic Mass} = 6.4 \times\text{ specific heat}$
B.$\text{Atomic Mass} \times \text {specific heat} = 6.4$
C.$\text{Atomic Mass} \times 6.4 = \text {specific heat}$
D.$\text{Atomic Mass }\times \text {specific heat} \times 6.4 = 1$

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Hint: The atomic mass of an atom is the mass of an atom in kg or Dalton and specific heat is the ratio of the mass of a metal to the mass of a solution. Laws state that all the atoms of an element have the same heat capacity which results in an inversely proportional relation between specific heat and atomic mass of an element and their product gives the atomic heat.

Complete answer:
Atomic mass of an atom is the mass of an atom. It is also known as the atomic weight which has an SI unit of kg. It is also expressed as Dalton where 1 dalton is measured as $\dfrac{1}{{12}}th$ of the mass of a carbon atom. It is also referred to as the mass of one mole of the element in grams. It is calculated as the sum of the number of protons and the number of neutrons in a single atom where, atomic number of an element gives the number of protons in an atom.
The specific heat of a metal is the ratio of mass of the metal to the mass of water. The mass of every object is related to its density. It is a quantity which gives the measure of concentration of the metal dissolved in a solution.
It is stated that all the atoms of an element have the same heat capacity which means that the specific heat has an inversely proportional relation with the atomic mass of the element. Therefore, the product of atomic mass and specific heat of the element is known as the atomic heat of that element which is approximately equal to $6.4$ .

Thus, the correct option for the above question is (B) where, $\text{Atomic Mass} \times \text {specific heat} = 6.4$

Lead is the metal with the highest specific heat value which means that lead has the highest density than water as compared to other metals at a constant temperature. Gold has the second highest specific heat value amongst metals.