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Which one of the following is present outside the plasma membrane but inside the cell wall?
A. Sphaerosomes
B. Peroxisome
C. Lomasomes
D. Golgi body

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Hint: Lomasomes are a unit present between the structures that surround the cell. It has similar functions to vesicles present in the cytoplasm. These structures are not well studied, but recent evidence suggests that they are derived from multivesicular bodies.

Complete step by step answer: Paramural bodies are membranous or vesicular structures located between the cell walls and cell membranes of plant and fungal cells. When these are continuous with the cell wall, they are termed lomasomes, while they are referred to as plasmalemma somes if associated with the plasmalemma. It was coined by Moore and McAlear. It performs similar functions such as membrane vesicle trafficking between cells.
i. The Golgi complex, conjointly referred to as Golgi apparatus or Golgi body, is a membrane-bound organelle found in eukaryotic cells (cells with clearly outlined nuclei). It has planar stacked pouches referred to as cisternae. It is present in the cytoplasm of a cell. They contain hydrolytic enzymes like proteolytic enzyme, ribonuclease, enzyme, esterase, etc.
ii. Peroxisomes are membrane-bound organelles present within the cytoplasm of eukaryotic cells. Peroxisomes play a key role in the reaction of specific biomolecules. They conjointly contribute to the synthesis of membrane lipids called plasmalogens.
Hence, the correct answer is option C.

Note: Lomasomes, seem to be accumulations of ejected material between the plasmalemma and semipermeable membrane that became sequestered by the deposition of wall material.
They contain biological process enzymes and digest the additional cell tube-shaped structure waste made by food bodily cavities.