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Which one of the following is credited for discovering lysosomes?
(A) M.Calvin
(B) A.Alaude
(C) Christian de Duve
(D) Linus Pauling

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Hint: Lysosomes are the important membrane bound cell organelles that contain the digestive enzymes for the metabolism. The digestive enzymes in the lysosomes are synthesized by the rough endoplasmic reticulum and are exported to the Golgi apparatus.

Complete answer:
These lysosomes act as the organ for the secretion, apoptosis, energy metabolism and the repairing of the plasma membrane. The lysosomes serve to be the waste disposing system from the cytoplasm. It contains approximately $60$ enzymes for the process of digestion. In the process of the digestion, the food materials enter into the food vacuole through the plasma membrane.

Then the lysosomes move near to the food vacuole and fuses with it. After that, the digestive enzymes present in the lysosomes act on the food for the digestion. Pioneer of the cell who found new organelles by utilizing a centrifuge. Christian de Duve, whose lab in Louvain found lysosomes in $1955$ and characterized peroxisomes in$1965$. For this, he was awarded the Nobel prize.

Hence, the correct answer is Option (C)

Note: The other important functions that the lysosomes do is phagocytosis. It is the process in which the lysosomes engulf the bacteria and the virus particles and digest them with the enzymes they have. And they are also involved in the autophagy which means the damaged cell organelles or the cell structures are digested by the lysosomes.