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Which one of the following is an inexhaustible source of energy and does not cause pollution?
(a)Solar energy
(b)Nuclear energy

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Hint: Inexhaustible sources are available in nature in an unlimited amount responsible for all of our weather systems and energy sources on Earth. This is the energy derived from the sun that is converted into thermal or electrical energy.

Complete answer:
Inexhaustible Natural resources – Inexhaustible resources of energy are those sources, which will not exhaust in the future. These are unlimited. Examples – Air, water, and sunlight. Solar energy is available in nature in an unlimited amount. As they are obtained from the radiations of the sun. The energy is a safe energy source and doesn't cause any form of pollution. The Sun has been shining for several years and can do so for the subsequent five billion years. Solar energy is available free of cost as it replenishes in the Sun itself.

Additional Information:
 Exhaustible energy is the source of energy, which will deplete and exhaust after a few hundred years. Examples – Coal, petroleum, etc. are the exhaustible sources of energy.
Fossil fuels are energy sources, like coal and petroleum, obtained from underneath the Earth’s crust. They are easily available to individuals to be used, as their fuels are the direct source of energy. These are limited in amount. These are non-renewable sources of energy because these can't be replenished in nature. Fossil fuels take countless years for their formation. If this fuel of the planet gets exhausted, its formation will take several years. Fossil fuels are also very costly.
So, the correct answer is ‘Solar energy‘

Note: -Air is a renewable resource. All living organisms need oxygen, nitrogen (directly or indirectly) carbon (directly or indirectly), and many other gases in small quantities for their survival.
-Industrialization increases the demand for energy. Fossil fuels are easily available sources of energy that fulfill this demand. As they are non-renewable sources of energy, if we continue to use these at the present rate, we would soon be deprived of these sources. So, we should conserve these sources and look for alternate sources of energy.