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Which one of the following is a fibre yielding plants
A. Crotalaria juncea
B. Cicer Arietinum
C. Triticum vulgare
D. Impatiens balsamina

Last updated date: 17th Jul 2024
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Hint: The thin strands of thread are known as fiber. The fibers are classified as natural fibers and synthetic fibers. The fibers obtained from plant and animal sources are known as natural fiber. Such as cotton, jute are obtained from plants and wool, silk are obtained from animal sheep and silkworm respectively.

Step by step answer:Sunn hemp (Crotalaria juncea) is mainly grown as a fibre crop that was much used in the traditional manufacture of ropes, strings, twines, floor mats, and finishing nets.
Sunn hemp fibre can be used as a protein source to supplement poor quality roughage. The crop is grown for green manure as a soil improver. Sun hemp is locally used as fodder.

Hence, the correct answer is option A. Crotalaria juncea

Additional information:
Seed fibers - the plant fibers which are obtained from the seeds of the plant are called plant fiber eg. Cotton fiber is the seed fibers. Cotton belongs to the genus Gossipier in the family of Malvaceae. They represent the purest natural cellulose form containing 90% of this as polysaccharides. It has a good absorbency; color retention property. It is used in the textile industry, pharma industry.
Bast fibers - the plant fibers collected from the inner bark or blast of plants. E.g. jute, flax, hemp, etc. Flax is naturally cultivated in cooler regions. These fibers are stronger than cotton fibers. They are smooth and straight. Used in the textile industry, surgical threads, etc.
Hard fibers – the plant fibers obtained from the leaves of the plants. E.g. coir from the hard shell of coconuts.

Note:Bast fibres surrounding the stem obtained from herbs cultivated in agriculture as for instance flax, hemp, etc. The fibers are non-living cells that provide mechanical support and give strength and rigidity to the organ.