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Which one of the following diseases is spread by a housefly?
A. Dengue fever
B. Encephalitis
C. Filariasis
D. Typhoid

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Hint: So many infectious diseases are spread by many ways, some of them are spread directly by one to one contact of the person, while some are spread as water-born, air born and some by food, even the insects or flies which are called vectors have also spread the diseases.

Complete answer:
There are more than one lakh species of flies on the earth, among them housefly is one.
It is a common insect where one can see in their day today life.
Houseflies usually land on many things, it feeds on all decomposing waste and other animal and human waste and all so that the microorganisms present on them, may enter the body of houseflies, or their body surface, etc.
When these same flies fly on the kitchen utensils or any other food materials, all the microorganisms are transferred from it body to consuming food and it acts as a carrier for so many diseases for example, typhold, cholera, and dysentery, etc.
From the above-given options, dengue fever is spread by the mosquitoes that too especially Ades.
When coming to another option, it is encephalitis, it is caused by a virus and mainly it is spread by insect bite or stings
Other given option is Filariasis, it is an infectious disease caused by the worms, where it is transmitted from one person to other by mosquito bites

So from all the given options, typhoid is spread by housefly and it is the correct answer.

Mode of transmission of infectious disease are so many types, they may be direct contact, or through indirect like airborne, foodborne and waterborne and it also transmitted by vectors such as mosquitoes, flies, etc.