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Which one of the following acids is a derivative of carotenoids?
(a)Gibberellic acid
(b)Abscisic acid
(c)Indole butyric acid
(d)Indole-3- acetic acid

Last updated date: 17th Jun 2024
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Hint: It's often mentioned as an inhibitory instead of the stimulatory hormone. It's involved within the closure of stomata, bud, and seed dormancy and is understood to inhibit other hormonal actions. It's found in leaves ( where it's partially synthesized), stems, and green fruits. Its biosynthesis is said to be the method of carotenoid production. It's generally related to negative-feedback interactions or stress-related environmental signals like drought, freezing temperatures, and environmental pollutants.

Complete answer:
Abscisic acid is additionally called as abscism. It's a phytohormone that has carotenoids as a precursor. ABA capacities in many plant formative cycles, including bud lethargy. ABA is an isoprenoid phytohormone, which is combined inside the plastidial 2-C-methyl-D-erythritol-4-phosphate (MEP) pathway, dissimilar to the basically related sesquiterpenes, which are shaped from the mevalonic corrosive determined antecedent farnesyl diphosphate, the C15 spine of ABA is made after cleavage of C40 carotenoids in MEP.

Additional information:
Closure of Stomata - Large amounts of abscisic acid within the leaves causes the stomata to shut which helps the plant conserve water during droughts. Reactions are often instigated within minutes of spraying. commercially it's utilized in fields when droughts threaten.
Bud Dormancy - this is often influenced by cytokinins and auxin-induced synthesis of ethylene.
Seed Dormancy - Abscisic acid postpones seed germination in numerous plants. Has some effect on induction and maintenance of dormancy generally Induces seeds to synthesize storage proteins. Represses the impact of gibberellins on invigorating a new union of a-amylase. Its impacts decrease when seeds germinate. In desert plants, ABA found within the outer layer of the seeds must be washed away by rains so as for the seeds to germinate.

So the correct answer is ‘ Abscisic acid’

Note: Abscisic acid inhibits the stimulatory effects of other hormones. Inhibits shoot growth but won't have the maximum amount effect on roots or may even promote the expansion of roots. It inhibits cellular division within the vascular cambium. Incites quality record particularly for proteinase inhibitors in light of injuring.