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Which one of the birds is viviparous?
A. Ostrich
B. Penguin
C. Albatross
D. None of the above

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: Viviparous creatures replicate explicitly through inner preparation as the incipient organism creates inside the body of the mother. Viviparous creatures are additionally advanced in the matter that they convey the create young ones with the mother from areas with numerous hunters.

Complete answer:
Viviparity is the maintenance and development of the treated egg inside the maternal body until the youthful creature, as a hatchling or new-conceived, is equipped for autonomous presence. The developing incipient organism gets ceaseless sustenance from the mother, typically through a placenta or comparable structure.
Viviparity is thoroughly missing in birds. All birds lay eggs and are in this way they are oviparous.
The nonappearance of viviparity in birds is normally clarified by conjuring morphological or physiological factors putatively contradictory with live-bearing multiplication. Looking at these elements regarding falsifiable expectations and hidden suspicions, no single avian element is known to be inalienably contradictory with viviparous creation of little grasps and that the nonappearance of the live-bearing mode is an outcome of the absence of choice for the halfway transformative phase of egg maintenance.
Hence, Option (d) None of these is a correct answer.

Additional Information:
Ostrich is a type of enormous flightless living beings, which are acclaimed for their eggs because these birds lay the biggest eggs on the planet. Along these lines, ostriches are oviparous.
Penguins are birds that cannot fly and live in water. They fundamentally live in the southern half of the globe, just a single animal group is found on the northern side of the equator. Most penguins feed on fishes, squid, and so forth They lay eggs for multiplication hence, they are oviparous.
Albatross are groups of seabirds, found generally in southern seas and north seas. They feed on fishes present in the ocean and find them during their flights. They lay eggs for propagation in this manner, they are oviparous living beings.

Viviparous creatures are born as live youthful people. Consequently, they do not lay eggs. Viviparity is thoroughly missing in birds. All winged creatures lay eggs and consequently, they are oviparous. There is no undeveloped advancement inside the mother. These eggs form and bring forth into
young creatures. The birds are not viable with live-bearing proliferation and consequently, the outcome brings about the determination of the middle developmental phase of egg maintenance.