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Which one is green manure/biofertilizer
A. Sesbania
B. Maize
C. Rice
D. Oat

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: The manure created by living, sown or uprooted plants of the crops spread on the field so that it can work as a nutrient base and can fertilize the soil are called green manure or biofertilizers. This concept is primarily used in organic farming. There are various types of green manure such as nitrogen holders, soil acidifying agents and so on.

Complete Answer:
- Maize is a food crop grown in areas with moderate rainfall. The primary focus of maize production is human consumption and is not associated with any type of manure.
- Rice is the staple food crop for the majority of South Asian countries. It requires heavy rainfall in order to grow. Like Maize, it is also not associated with any type of manure.
- Oat or the common oat is a type of cereal grain whose seeds are very nutritious and consumed by human beings. It helps to feed livestock but is not a manure.
- Sesbania is a flowering plant of the pea family scientifically known as “Fabaceae”. It has several uses which includes its utility as a green manure or a biofertilizer.

Hence, we can say that Sesbania is the green manure or biofertilizer among those listed in the options.

Note: The basic difference between a manure and a fertilizer is that manure is generally used to amend the soil, thus increasing its productivity whereas fertilizers provide a specific chemical compound to the soil. Here, Sesbania is termed as a green manure as it basically does nitrogen fixation in the soil.