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Which of the following teeth are lophodont?
A. Incisor and canine
B. Molar
C. Canine and premolar
D. Premolar and incisor

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: Teeth forms the important part of our body which helps to chew and bite the food. We cannot engulf big food particles directly. Even the digestion starts in the mouth itself. The various teeth in our teeth are set to have a particular function. The ideal number of teeth in the mouth is 32.

Complete answer:
What is lophodont? Having Transverse ridges/crowns on the surface is lophodont. Lophodont teeth have elongated transverse ridges between the cusps, they are called lophs. They are located between the lingual and labial parts of the tooth.
Option A: Incisor and canine: Incisors bite into the food while the canine being the sharper ones are used to tear the food. Canines have longer roots than the incisors.
Option B: Molar: They have hard ridges called lophs. It is placed in the perpendicular or along the dental row. They help the herbivores in grinding their food, especially rodents.
Option C: Canine and premolar: Canines are used for tearing the food but the premolars crush the food simply. Premolars have flat surfaces while making them less shart and help them in holding and crushing food.
Option D: Premolar and incisor: Incisor bite in the food while the premolar crushes it. Premolars are like flat structures for holding the food.

So the answer is option B: Molar.

The enamel on the tooth is the hardest part of the entire body. Our mouth has the utmost bacterias. A tooth can heal itself. The teeth set of each person is different like a fingerprint. Our mouth produces so much saliva throughout life to fill two swimming pools.