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Which of the following sentences was true regarding the Round Table Conferences?
A)The first Round Table Conference was the outcome of Gandhi-Irwin Pact.
B)The Congress boycotted the 1st Round Table Conference.
C)2nd Round Table Conference was the only conference attended by the Congress and Muslim League.
D)3rd Round Table Conference was attended by both the Congress and the Muslim League.

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Hint: There were Three Round Table Conferences which represented a series of peace conferences from 1930-32 organized by the British Government and the Indian Political Representatives.

Complete answer:
The Gandhi Irwin Pact was signed on 5th March, 1931 in London before the second Round Table Conference by Mahatma Gandhi and Lord Irwin, the then Viceroy of India. Post this the Second Round Table Conference was held from September to December, 1931. Therefore, the first Round Table Conference is not an outcome of the Gandhi Irwin Pact.

The Congress boycotted the first Round Table Conference as it wasn't happy with the report of the Simon Commission. The first Round Table Conference was held from November 12, 1930 to January, 1931.

The Muslim League had participated in all the three Round Table Conferences. Allama Igbal
had joined the Second Round Table Conference along with the others from 07th September, 1931 to December 1931. The Indian National Congress had also participated in it represented by the Maharajas of all the provinces.

The Third Round Table Conference was attended by the Muslim League but the Congress denied to attend.It was held from November to December, 1932 starting from November 17. The British Labour Party and the Indian National Congress refused to attend. There were only 46 delegates present.

Therefore, it is not the conference where both sides were present.

Hence, the correct answer is option (B)

Note: The three Round Table Conferences were an attempt at peace organised by the British Government to collaborate with the Indians. A brief insight into each of the conferences gives us the answer as asked in the question.