Which of the following refers to “Black Blizzard” which hit Southern plains of America?
A : Terrifying dust storm
B : High rising monstrous wave of dirty water
C : Ferocious Flood
D : None of the above

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Hint: Black Blizzard happened when a huge ton of dirt swirled up into the air and formed a huge dust storm particularly in the area of the United States.

Complete answer: During most of the 1930s, the Great Plains region was devastated by drought and high winds. These winds tend to form an area of low pressure which resulted in damage of properties and even resulted in deaths. These storms haul across the Great Plains and then whip up the soil of the over-farmed land and create blizzards of dust. These “black blizzards” were so thick and blinding that daylight seemed more like dusk. Everythings became blurry when these dust storms hit the area. This Dust storm was mainly observed in the United states. This event resulted in a number of deaths in the particular area in which it occurred.

Let’s examine the option one by one :
A : The option A is correct because Black Blizzard is another term used for a terrifying dust storm mainly occurring in the U.S. these storms were huge in structures so that is because they were named as Black Blizzard.
B : This option is wrong because Black Blizzard is not a high rising monstrous wave of dirty water rather it is associated with air. This is a storm that occurs around land rather than water.
C : This option is not correct because as earlier mentioned Black Blizzard is associated with dust storms which is caused by air rather than water. So Black Blizzard is not a ferocious flood so this option is wrong.
D : The option D is wrong because the correct answer is mentioned in option A.

So, as mentioned earlier Black Blizzard is another name of a dust storm which occurs due to the high pressure on the land surface which turns the air into a dust storm around a particular area.

Note: Black Blizzard is an event related to the environment so don’t confuse it with any particular animal species as it’s name is quite distinct.