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Which of the following plants produces seeds but not flowers:
A. Maize
B. Mint
C. Peepal
D. Pinus

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: Among all these options we need to distinguish between angiosperms and gymnosperms. Gymnosperms are the plants that bear seed but are naked I.e that don't have flowers on the other hand angiosperms are the plants that bear flowers around seeds.

Complete answer: Option -A- Maize
Maize is an angiosperm that depicts the monoecious condition I.e plant bears both male flowers (laminate) and female flowers pistillate) so that the plant becomes a bisexual plant. But the flowers are present separately. They are not present within the same whorl.
Option -B- Mint
Mint is also an angiosperm plant which is perennial having leaves that are toothed and fragrant. This plant bears a variety of flowers having different colors including pink, purple or white flowers. The flowers of these mint are edible including a species of mint called bee balm.
Option -C- Peepal
The peepal tree is also an angiosperm plant. The peepal trees are medium-sized to slightly large bearing leaves that are heart-shaped. The peepal tree figs house the flowers which occur in pairs and they also bear berries occurring in pairs.
Option -D- Pinus
Pinus is a gymnosperm plant that belongs to the order Coniferales. They have roots, stems, and leaves but do not have flowers. They are monoecious plants having male and female cones both on a single plant. Ovules of these trees have uncovered ovules that are present on megasporophyll.

So, the correct option to this question is the option"D".

Note: Angiosperms are flower and therefore fruit-bearing plants whereas gymnosperms rather than bearing flowers bear cones which are differentiated into male and female cones which may be present on a single plant/unisexual. Therefore it is believed that gymnosperm plants evolved 200 million years ago than angiosperms.